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Written by Marc | 25/03/2014

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The Adidas Torsion Integral S is a limited edition trainer stocked by only ten independent retailers in the UK. Here at Mainline Menswear we are lucky enough to have two unique colours on offer for a short period of time.

Since the mid-’80s and ’90s consumers have searched relentlessly for a running shoe with the greatest technological features or aids, the Torsion embodied this first generation of high tech runners.

The shoe itself is a design centred around a plastic arch support system on the sole, essentially a bridge from the toes to the heel, minimising the strain on the mid-foot and giving a better push-off. Discontinued just after the turn of the century, this year, the shoe has been re-introduced to the Adidas range.

Integral S features a traditional padded mesh upper padded with suede panels and each pair is fitted with an EVA midsole for a comfortable and lightweight fit. The new release arrives with a completely original colour scheme; clashing orange and green add an authentic retro spirit (below).

Adidas Torsion ad

First released on the market in 1991 the Torsion will be remembered as one of the more successful silhouettes in Adidas’ portfolio, its enviable performance qualities matched with its sleek aesthetic and contemporary colouring helped it achieve unprecedented longevity in fashion.

German brand Adidas design shoes for two distinct purposes, firstly for performance- pushing technological developments- and secondly to further explore the success of the brand’s iconic trainers. Reworks from their archived designs are part of the popular ongoing Adidas Originals collection.

Torsion OrangeThis focus offers a key insight into the current trends in the footwear market, consumer tastes dictate a switch from futuristic, technical approaches to design into a more vintage, simplistic mindset. Brands such as Nike have taken a similar approach with their Air Max and Pegasus trainers, along with the likes of Onitsuka Tiger who have thrived in the wake of the emerging retro running shoe market.

It isn’t just a trend exclusive to footwear of course and to complete the look a Torsion fan would be sure to compliment the trainers with in-keeping garments, possibly influenced by 90’s style. Fashion designers have always been influenced by retro styles, in the past few years high street fashion has celebrated classic youth subcultures, now- it is obviously the turn of the first generation running shoes. The Torsions work well with Penfield’s quirky raincoat and a pair of light skinny jeans, completed with Lacoste Live’s vivid cartoon printed t-shirt(s). To wear the Torsions with a stylish panache you must first recognize the accompaniments which do and don’t work. When wearing Torsions the vintage theme needs to reverberate through the rest of the outfit.

Complete the Torsion look:

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