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Written by Marc | 10/07/2014


Brand Focus

True Religion

True Religion has proved to be one of the most prominent exponents of luxury denim products in the world since they were formed just 12 years ago in 2002. They have grown to become a worldwide brand and a symbol of the American lifestyle; a guise under which other brands have succeeded in the past.

Behind the brand

The appealing California roots of the company were planted in 2005 upon the opening of their flagship store but their high quality soon got picked up by department stores over the US and their reputation has escalated to the point that they have become a common brand name throughout Europe too. True Religion has joined the likes of Levis as a figurehead for quality denim jeans being produced from their true home in the US.

Close-up True Religion Badgetrue-religion

Like most designer clothing, True Religion products have a unique fit and wear, but for somebody who has never owned a pair it can be difficult to know which is the optimal fitting; here we can help those without the experience to know, because after all if you’re going to invest in quality it needs to be right.

True Religion is ideal for those looking for a straightforward, masculine pair of jeans with a strong and overall stylish construction, their most prominent styles are notably a looser fit but they have a broad spectrum and an increasing number of slimmer fits. The style alludes to the golden era of denim production in the 1970s which was instigated over in the ‘States to start with. They are also notable for the strong manly names given to each style such as the Rocco and Jack jeans- quite a refreshing change from the fancy Italian-sounding ones in which we’re used to.

One of the brand’s signature designs is the twisted in-seams which help to create a flattering fit all the way down the leg. The gritty rinses hark back to the early days of denim when it was produced first and foremost as a functional, working man’s choice of clothing. Generally speaking, True Religion jeans are quite a slim fit and you may well find that the best sizing is a couple of inches bigger than what you are used to in waist sizes. If you’re still confused about the slim fit jeans vs skinny fit jeans debate – read our latest blog post to find out more!

Essential guidance

With a large selection of over 30 individual garments ranging from sizes 28 up to 40-inch waist in others, it is fair to say that in True Religion, we have a brand that can offer something for (nearly) everybody, perhaps this is why their jeans have become a huge clothing staple in all corners of the world.

Below: Which is your favourite fit and style of True Religion’s jeans?

True Religion Jeans collection


Zach, Rocco

For any fans feeling most at home in skinny jeans, it is best advised to head straight for the Rocco’s which come in a mixture of very dark and very light washes- perfect for any season. The Zach jean has a similar skinny fitting pair in the range but it is more of an everyday all-round sort of style and comes in other common styles such as a stretch and slim, which have become more common in the collection each season as the preference for tighter clothing has grown with young fashionable males.


Geno, Zach, Jack

For those who want a tailored look or to keep up with the skinny fit fascination without looking like the bottom half of their outfit has been painted on, slim fit offers a happy medium. True Religion’s best option for this popular contemporary style is probably the Geno, though this is catered for well by other designs such as the Jack and the Zach. The way the two differ is more in the styling than the fit: Jack is a much more obvious branded product with statement back pockets, much more exaggerated washes and a visible stitched horse-shoe-like symbol which is said to be Japanese lettering. It should be easy to dress up or stay casual with these jeans.

Below: signature branding on the pockets are much more visible on some styles (left) than they are on others (right). 

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Bobby, Ricky

The Bobby jeans are a perfect example of the style which True Religion has become known throughout the world for, this jean; like the Ricky is a relaxing a comfortable fit that looks perfect in any number of outfits. These two styles are designed for a snug fit around the waist with a slim thigh with the rest of the leg following the natural contours of the body, collecting around the ankle. They’ll look completely at home paired with some trainers and a throw-on hoodie, not to mention a more sartorially astute ensemble.

Collection overview

Sticking to what they do best with the vintage washed-out colours and all-American themed graphics, True Religion continues to stand for free spirit and innovation as they go against the grain of those denim experts before them. Looking further than just their exemplary denim collection, they have embraced the summery vibes of the East Coast with a series of bright coloured designs to capture the imagination. Referring to the workman-like origins of American denim, they have released a series of vintage worn-look crew necks and sweaters, not to mention the rugged Trucker Jacket, all giving this the feel of an established heritage brand.

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