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Written by Marc | 06/06/2014


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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s navy suit is the primary item in Mainline Menswear’s sartorial collection and stands out as this season’s key piece. Every self-proclaimed gentleman has a quality suit stored in his wardrobe (possibly more) and those with a taste for timeless finesse should appreciate the expertly cut navy two-piece by one of Britain’s most accomplished designers.

The suit itself is made from pure new wool and is shaped to be a regular slim-fit, accentuating a slim, tall frame. Coated with a florid gold and burnt orange lining, the jacket is finished with tortoiseshell buttons which all feature an encryption of the iconic VW orb. This is a subtle suit with an understated class and will reward an owner with a lifetime of style and sophistication.

Vivienne Westwood Navy Suitwestwood-orb

Key Features 

  •  3 buttoned-cuff
  • 1 chest pocket and 3 waist pockets
  • Single breast with a twin  buttoned finish
  • Button fly with hook fastening
  • Tapered leg trouser
  • Adjustable turn-up hems and cuffs
  • Flat front trouser
  • Sized by chest measurement
  • Pure wool
  • Made in Italy
  • Dry clean only


Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood was born in Derbyshire and comes from a working-class background which she embraced by living in a converted council flat in Clapham for 30 years, even despite her fame and fortune which could offer so much more. She is well-known for her eccentric personality, vivid style and outspoken views, which are all elements of her character that transfer into her work to create a legacy of unconventional designs and multiple controversies.

On top of becoming a Dame and twice winning British Fashion Designer of the Year, Westwood has amassed a global reputation as one of the most prominent original designers. Ripping up the rulebook of contemporary fashion has become the norm for this lady who refuses to be influenced by contemporary culture by allegedly living without a TV, internet connection and a complete disavowal of the press.

Now in her 70’s, VW shows no sign of slowing down and the newest SS14 line as stocked by Mainline is a collection summarised by aberrant use of colour and patterns which have stylistic features that are comparable to no other brands.

The Suit:

The navy Alfred suit is 100% new wool, discreetly flouting the trends set by mainstream fashion in trademark VW style. The two-piece suit strikes the perfect blend between function and formality, allowing a wearer the opportunity to use it for business or leisure simultaneously.

VW SuitVW Orb buttonVW Navy Suit

Vivienne Westwood is an expert at combining patriotic marks of British culture with her extravagant designs- including the famous tartan print and her penchant for regal/monarchical influenced styles of clothing. The neutral style of this navy suit allows a free rein on choosing suit and shoes and ties to combine it with- which is a particular advantage when you consider how many styles of button-up shirts there are in the VW range. It compliments a tall, slim figure best and looks completely at home with a pair of polished black slip-on shoes. To make the suit more versatile still, the Gingham Cotton Blazer offers a quality alternative to the all in one blue suit and can blend seamlessly with the trousers to give you effectively 2 in 1. The colour suggests a summer occasion would be best suited to this piece but its exquisite tailored fit will mean it is taken seriously in any setting.

How would you alternate your suit’s style?

VW Gingham BlazerVW Shirt 1Oliver Sweeney Slip On ShoesVW Shirt 3VW shirt 2



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