Beginners Guide to Streetwear

Written by Robert | 24/07/2015

“Stylish Streetwear” is a phrase used over and over again in relation to both male and female fashion, but what does it actually mean? And what makes it different to normal clothing? Learn the basics and make your own mind up here:

If you try to find a conclusive definition of what streetwear is you’ll no doubt struggle to do so. Most seem to think it’s more of a collective term to describe a number of different fashion subcultures that have been accumulated through different eras.

Take a look at Wikipedia and you’ll get a definition that states: “Street wear is a distinctive style of street fashion. Rooted in West Coast surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute couture fashion.”

FashionBeans.Com has this view: “Streetwear is not influenced by high fashion – its nature is an amalgamation of popular art, music and politics. For example, in the infamous 60s, the evolution of ‘Mod’, ‘Rocker’ and ‘Hippie”, suggesting that the UK could also be a part of its roots too.

Key Styles

White Trainers: A pair of gleaming white trainers has been a cornerstone of the streetwear style for many years. Music acts like RUN DMC have cultivated the adidas Superstar.

Baseball Cap: Another essential item with roots in sportswear, adapted for fashion in the streets- especially in the 90s.

Oversized: From the knee length short to baggy t-shirts and long length sweatshirts, oversized garments are a distinctive trait of the streetwear scene.

Joggers: It’s increasingly common to find joggers that blur the smart/casual divide and create a “sport luxe” look .

Formal v Casual: One of the most noticeable aspects of streetwear style is the mix and match nature which could see a baseball cap and white trainers teamed with something quite formal like a blazer for example.

Key Brands

adidas and Nike

Big sportswear brands have a key role to play in streetwear with Nike and adidas in particular boasting huge archives. Nike’s Air Max Series and adidas’ ZX Series in particular spring to mind.


The label’s vintage American style has been utilised by skaters for years.


Crooks & Castles

Oversized shirts, long shorts and vivid branding are all trademarks of this brand and the streetwear scene alike.

Lacoste L!ve

The mix between youthful fashion and sporty silhouettes sits perfectly with today’s consumers.

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