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Written by Marc | 17/09/2015




David Beckham is starring in a brand new short feature film by British designer brand Belstaff, where he will play a mysterious stunt bike rider in his trademark leather jacket.

He recently said he wants to crack Hollywood and is to feature in his friend Guy Ritchie’s latest movie, and here he has gained some invaluable experience, lining up alongside stars like Harvey Keitel, Katherine Waterson and Cathy Moriarty.

Speaking about his role in the film, Beckham said: “A always like to challenge myself.

Filming Outlaws in the Mexican desert with Belstaff and the Legs team – not to mention working alongside Harvey, Cathy and Katherine – was an adventure I will never forget.

The launch of the new feature film coincides with the release of another specially designed Beckham leather jacket, finished with all of his own favourite personal touches.

Directed and written by Geremy Jasper and produced by Liv Tyler – the famous American actress and partner of Beckham’s life-long best friend Dave Gardner – Outlaws follows the story of The Stranger, a mysterious motorcycle stuntman played by 40 year old father of four Beckham, who is haunted by fond memories of a beautiful trapeze artist and “hunted by a maniacal director seeking revenge.”

Beckham’s partnership with Belstaff has flourished over the past couple of years – a relationship which came about because of his personal love of the product and of retro café style motorcycles. His personal style has become affiliated with “the Belstaff look” and he is often pictured on his bike in his favourite leather jacket. You could say his new role in the film draws comparisons with legendary film star Steve McQueen in his heyday, a man who was also famous for riding bikes and wearing rugged leather jackets.

Belstaff’s motorcycle jackets are renowned as some of the best in the world, with consumers keen to recognize their rich British heritage.

The full version of Outlaws is released for viewing in four days on September 21.
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