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Written by Marc | 16/02/2015

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Not even Adi Dassler who began the adidas brand from his small Bavarian kitchen could have imagined the size the company would one day be and the impact his footwear would have in both fashion and sport. adidas’ trainers are a unique mix of innovation and tradition; qualities which make them highly revered by people from all corners of the globe. With thousands upon thousands of individual designs and many more created each season, the question for true fans is- which are the best ever adidas Originals trainers?



Created as an indoor football training shoe in 1950, the Samba has enjoyed unprecedented success as a fashionable shoe and is the second best selling ever with over 35 million and counting sold worldwide. It’s been adapted to many varieties of colours yet plain black and white- the original colouring- remains the most popular. It’s unique characteristics include a tan gum sole with extreme grip and a oversized panel running around the toes of the shoe, it also has a large wide tongue. The shoe’s popularity as a retro fashion choice has extended its shelf life but remarkably it is still used by some players in the indoor form of the game because of its ability to help a player balance finesse and function, proving what a dynamic design it must have been.



The classic adidas basketball shoe is the Superstar and it defined the 1970s NBA era and became “the sneaker” to wear. It later became a streetwear staple thanks to the likes of RUN DMC who brought it to the public’s attention. Such was their association with the Superstar, they later became the first ever music act to be sponsored by a sportswear company like adidas, changing the label’s dynamic forever.



Best known for its association with the Casuals movement, Gazelle’s are a must for any football fan and is one of the brand’s most recognizable silhouettes. First released in the late 60s, it was intended as a lightweight training shoe for athletes and at the time it had a very streamlined appearance for a shoe of its type. Because they come in such a variety of colours they are ultra-collectable and feature suede outer that gives a smartened up appearance which appeals to the fashion concious.



True to their German heritage Spezial is a design with origins for the national handball team for whom they kitted out with this silhouette. It was reissued in 2009 with its memorable thick gum sole still intact. Chunky durable and lightweight it is perfect for constructing any casual style.

adidas spezial

Stan Smith

The best-selling shoe by adidas of all time is the Stan Smith so it’s understandable to see why it is considered one of the best ever made too. Timeless and simple, it is the tennis shoe which made it into the mainstream since being first produced in 1960. They used to be favoured  by celebrities such as John Lennon and David Bowie and that trend continues today as some of the biggest names in popular culture have been known to don the famous pair of trainers. Having been originally named the Haillet, an endorsement deal in 1971 saw them renamed after tennis player Stan Smith. Unlike many of adidas’ most famous shoes the Stan Smith has no three stripes on the uppers. The original is pure white and it remains the most popular variation of the shoe to buy, however down the years it has been redeveloped in a number of other colourways too. Stan Smith’s popularity owes a lot to the fans in the US and its notoriety with hip-hop culture.

stan smith

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