Which Denim Brand is the Best?

Written by Marc | 03/02/2015



A lot of men aren’t too picky about who they buy their clothes from as long as it looks and feels how they want it to. But one item that most of us pay special attention to is jeans. With that in mind- here we’ve identified the best denim brands money can buy.

Most people tend to stick to one pair throughout their day-to-day routine, even if they have others to choose from. Because it’s comfortable and easy to be able to throw the same pair on and not have to think about it. They go through all sorts of day-to-day activities and occasions with us, so it’s important to make the right purchase when they do need replacing.

A good pair of jeans will look good, feel good and then they will fit well and last a long time without falling apart. We know the brands that can boast all of these characteristics…

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Here are some of the prominent names:


levi's 501When you think of denim, you think of Levi’s and they are of course best known for their 501 jean (see right) which is a clean, straight-cut design, made for versatility. Usually, it comes in a block-coloured wash, featuring their trademark riveted finish for extra durability. Today they are still known for that self-same quality and reliability, but you’ll no doubt be pleasantly surprised by the variety of styles they now have in the collection.

G-Star RAW

If you prefer a much more modern style of denim as opposed to the traditional, G-Star is probably aligned with your tastes. Their unique dyeing methods, essentially leaving them untreated gives them a rich, RAW, characteristic which has become their brand trademark. Their jeans have a heavily technical element, ideal for creating military looks and modern street-savvy ensembles and the unique thing about them is that their colour is so intense, they actually wear differently according to the contours and movement of each individual wearer. So one person might achieve a fade where another remains dark and vice versa.


Hyperflex is the latest innovation by the Italian brand Replay which continues to strive to improve the quality of its jeans. Hyperflex basically changes the texture and feel of traditional denim to offer a snug, comfortable and ultimately flexible fit- something that traditional denim can’t necessarily offer. Replay aims to reinterpret vintage denim and create something fresh, and original from season to season, without losing its traditional Italian flair for style.


Having been at forefront of denim creation in Europe for a number of years now, Diesel produces large quantities of up-to-date styles and fits, primarily for youthful customers. Their standard wash varies from season to season but has been invariably dark in recent years. Their jeans fit naturally with the iconic Diesel logo graphic t-shirts.

True Religion

As we’ve already established, America is the home of denim and another top brand from the region is True Religion which also takes inspiration from vintage workwear. Hailing from California, the brand was only set up in 2002 but it has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after casual brands on the market and is seen more as a lifestyle brand associated with luxury.


Armani Jeans is a subsidiary label of one of the best-known brand names in the world and their dedicated denim channel proves the commitment they put in to excel in the field. High-end by nature, Armani’s jeans have an elegance and sophistication which you come to expect given their Italian heritage.

Who Else?

The best-selling brands at Mainline Menswear are a good indication of who to trust when it comes to buying yourself some new jeans, but if they don’t really suit your tastes then try not to forget some of these brands whose denim lines aren’t as bulky but are no less up to the task in hand.

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The German brand BOSS’ production of jeans is just another string to their considerable bow,  and you can expect them to be of the exact same quality as the rest of their garments. You can re-work your whole wardrobe with BOSS through a mix of their Green, Black and Orange labels.


The Danish streetwear brand is probably the least well-known of the labels in this guide but they are dedicated to creating jeans and specialise in the tapered fit.

Stone Island

The brand’s jeans are easily forgotten about given their expertise in outerwear and knitwear, but they consistently produce jeans which are packed with quality and style. This season’s offering is predominantly a straight, slim fit with a crisp and clean aesthetic.

Looking at all of the top brands in question it is clear to see that there is a lot of quality and variation in the market. Which are your favourite brands?

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