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Written by Robert | 21/04/2015


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Pick up a premium piece of sportswear this Spring from the famous Italian label Armani, or more specifically their sister-brand EA7, who specialise in bringing a luxury element to the world of sports clothing.

Initiated in 2004, famed designer Giorgio Armani’s latest venture got a lot of attention very quickly as celebrities and sports teams joined growing numbers of those pictured wearing the new label. Italy’s football team have sported the EA7 motif on a few occasions and the brand even makes the kit of Milan’s basketball team, Olimpia Milano. Capturing that niche market of people who want to wear comfortable, practical clothing which they can combine with their hobbies of playing sport on a weekend, EA7 helps sportswear keep up to date with changing fashion trends.

It is said that the EA7 range is inspired by AC Milan’s iconic number 7 footballer Andriy Shevchenko, a close friend of Giorgio himself and an occasional model for the Italian label in years gone by. EA7 shares similarities with off-shoots of other big brands such as Hugo Boss Green and Lacoste Sport, natural rivals in bringing a premium edge to sport styled silhouettes.

Perfect for down time, casual wear or even during exercise itself, EA7 is a good all-round option for fashion-savvy consumers with a taste for designer clothing.

The general style of  EA7 is largely based on bold branding with the idea that the wearer can easily throw on an EA7 item and feel on trend at all times; as a result the range has a simple, clean cut and overall effortless aesthetic.

Track tops, zip tops, polos, t-shirts and joggers make up the most part of the range, with caps, shorts and bags supplementing it. 

Armani might be renowned for its high-end, cat walk style of fashion, but EA7’s success shows a change in the way sports clothing is perceived. It’s no longer unfashionable to wear sports clothing as part of a casual outfit, sports clothing has become a lot more refined thanks to labels like EA7.

In just over a decade since it was first introduced, Ea7 has become a favourite with gym-goers, delivering a consistent high quality of items with technical fabrics, broad colour schemes and tailored detailing.

The EA7 – Sense of Being advertising campaign is what really put EA7 on the map in terms of distinguishing it from the main brand. Before that they had collaborated with Reebok on trainers and had other projects such as one outfitting Chelsea FC, however for this advertising campaign they signed up a number of athletes taking part in the London 2012 Olympics to target a worldwide audience, helping them to earn credibility as more than just a fashion line.

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