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Written by Robert | 17/04/2015

The latest special capsule collection to arrive at Mainline Menswear by British label Fred Perry is the eagerly anticipated Sports Authentic collection, adding to a range that already includes limited editions such as the Drake’s of London collaboration, the Bradley Wiggins collection and the quirky Space Invaders project too.

Sports Authentic is intended to delve deep into the brand archives and re-invigorate the retro sportswear aesthetic, giving it a modern street-ready look. Fred Perry was a very recognizable brand within the Casuals and Terrace cultures which were so prominent in the 1980s, especially their sport-infused clothing, but having said that they were also a big part of European casual wear earlier in the 70s, as well as the Britpop era which followed in the 90s.

sports authentic

The Authentic Collection offers a classic product without complication and the silhouettes included are t-shirts, track tops and trainers, all of which are available in an eclectic mix of colours and styles.

Bands such as Blur, Oasis and Elastica defined the Britpop music era and made it their trademark to wear items such as the vintage Fred Perry track top, but that tells little about how its popularity came into being.

fred perry sports authenticWhen Fred Perry released the track top it was part of their main sports line worn by professional athletes of the time, but soon enough it was being used as a casual jacket and that’s what made it an iconic piece by the 80s, seen in all sorts of environments from nightclubs, tennis courts to football terraces too. When designing the new range Fred Perry paid close attention to stay true to the roots of the much-loved garment and as a result you can see the recognizable laurel wreath tape from so many of their most-famous designs, running from the shoulders down the arms, the same of which can be found on the new crew neck t-shirts. Made from a flexible, high-performance polyester and cotton mix, this jacket has been modernised to reflect the advance in time, but crucially it hasn’t lost any of its unique appeal.

Sports Authentic is the perfect collection for those who enjoy channelling a retro aesthetic, particularly the Mod style. This collection offers the consumer a chance to own a piece of their history and its existence is largely a response to growing demand for their archived style of track top, which until now hasn’t been widely available in recent years.

Check out the key pieces in the Sports Authentic collection here:

To get a complete Mod look you may use slim jeans, Harrington jackets, brogues or retro trainers to refine your look. You can shop for all of these at Mainline Menswear.

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