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Written by Kimberley | 28/09/2015


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Pretty Green

Pretty Green was founded in 2009 by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic front men in music. This brand is known for uniting people through a love of music and fashion. Pretty Green provides simple classic clothing with a modern twist across three distinct labels.

Liam Gallagher was born in Burnage, Manchester to parents Thomas and Peggy Gallagher. Since falling out with his brother Noel Gallagher and splitting from the band Oasis, Liam has launched his own ventures he is fronting the band Beady Eye and excelling in his love of clothes and created his own fashion label.

Pretty Green Banner

Pretty Green was foundered in 2009 the company describes themselves as “an upfront straight talking British clothing label”. Which as many know this describes Liam himself very well. The singers taste is evident through the lines, it is said that he casts his eye over every product before it hits the stores. Looking through the main collection you can see trademarks Parkas, Polo shirts and Desert boots amongst other pieces they all seem to have the Gallagher touch to them. Just a year after Pretty Green was founded the brand was crowned “Menswear brand of the Year” at the Drapers Fashion Awards.

With the brand being extremely closely linked to Gallagher many elements of the brand reflect this. The store in Leeds on King Edwards Street doubles up as a music venue for up and coming bands, also selling small bits of memorabilia and vinyl records as well as other musical accessories.

Pretty Green Leeds

The new season stock of Pretty Green is highly similar to previously. Featuring the classic Parka and Harrington jackets, Desert boots, Polo T Shirts with the iconic logo and shirts with an all over vintage look. You can shop all the latest collection of Pretty Green now at Mainline Menswear.

Pretty Green Liam

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