How to: Do Double Denim

Written by Robert | 01/06/2015

Mainline Menswear Double denim is a famous style which is notoriously difficult to pull off, yet recent trends suggest it could well be about to hit the mainstream once again. There’s no doubt it can look good if you get it right, but if you want to wear it with aplomb it takes a fair bit of confidence. See if you can work out the right way to wear double denim with some of the following advice from the experts:

The 90s era did its best to make sure a double denim outfit could never be considered as cool again. Countless cheesy popstars sported “Canadian Suits” and cowboy-esque looks, soon enough the style became a taboo and the subject of endless ridicule, to the point that it’s actually quite hard to think of an outfit with more of a stigma attached to it.



“The most successful way to wear double denim is to opt for contrasting shades. The polarised tones make it easier to pull off the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric.”

Generally, people will opt for darker shades of denim jeans on the bottom, matched with a lighter shade of denim in the torso. This is especially easy to do because of the amount of stylish chambray shirts on the market and for some reason it just doesn’t look right pairing light jeans with a dark denim shirt. Chambray is often mistaken for denim but it is a lighter material both in terms of colour and weight, which naturally makes it ideal for the summer season.

If you are going to match shades of denim, you could argue black is the best option for doing so.

Street-style bloggers have found ways of using double denim to give the traditional American work wear edge to modern looks. Levi’s and True Religion are ideal brands for this because they have the authentic American heritage.

Fit is seen as of prime importance when it comes to double denim as well. Anything ill-fitting distorts the balance of the outfit according to



Mainline Menswear is home for many of the top quality denim brands from around the world and you can re-create the double denim look with some of these specific collections plus others such as Diesel, Edwin, BOSS, Armani and more.

Replay – Just as they proved in the campaign with FC Barcelona, Replay knows how to do a modern interpretation of double denim. Follow the trend with their innovative Hyperflex jeans.

G-Star RAW- the dark raw denim jeans by G Star will provide the perfect base for this look. The Dutch brand puts incredible craft into each caveat of their denim jeans, structuring the fit like no others. They are denim experts by trade and have a raft of denim jackets and shirts too.


Get The Look

Esquire Magazine thinks double denim is actually quite a classic, stylish and masculine way of dressing. Their advice is: “If in doubt, add an extra layer” and ultimately “keep everything else simple“.

A white t-shirt layered beneath a dark jumper will bring out the best in your denim jacket, while a pair of white sneakers will look laid back and understated.

A matching denim outfit might still feel pretty bold to a lot of people but it can be toned down if you aren’t confident enough to wear it in its full form. Throwing a jacket over the top of a denim shirt or wearing one un-buttoned with a plain white tee underneath during the summer will work effectively to off-set the look slightly.

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