Nike Air Rift: Review

Written by Marc | 03/06/2015



Nike Air Rift is the latest re-release in a long line of the American brand’s Air running shoe range and it has arrived at Mainline Menswear for the first time, joining an ever growing collection.

The Rift isn’t like anything else in Nike’s repertoire though, the technological shoe has always been one of the most unique designs there is, giving it an inimitable fashionable appeal.


It was first released in 1996 with a defining split-toe feature, making it look like something from a space-age, bold enough to turn heads- two decades on its appearance is no less unorthodox.

Like many of Nike’s original running shoes such as the Air Max, Rift has moved away from its athletic roots to become a hybrid between summer sandals and trainers. You could quite easily wear the Rifts in the street, down at the beach or at the gym, its an easy-going shoe with real everyday wearable qualities.

The shoe now has Natural Motion running technology incorporated into its midsole, something which also gets used on the likes of the Roshe, providing even greater levels of comfort and flexibility.

Rift is perhaps best-known for its split-toe which very few other running shoes had or do have today and the design itself was actually inspired by the barefooted Kenyan marathon runners who famously train in the country’s Rift Valley, where the name for this design comes from. The first release was actually made up in the colours of the national flag and many of the Rift’s characteristics were primed towards the specification of a marathon runner. For example, air holes and an extremely lightweight construction are used to give a barefooted feel, along with an extremely secure fitting Velcro strap that eradicates laces, giving a natural weightless feel. The shoes are finished with a sock-liner that clings to the foot and ultimately means you can wear it without socks.

Nike Air Rift Training Shoe

Designed to promote natural motion, the Nike Rift is an ideal summer trainer for all occasions with breathable and comfortable nature.

Available in a neutral turquoise colourway, the shoe pairs nicely with anything from jeans, shorts, t-shirts or vests in a range of looks.

Nike's Air Rift Trainers

Key Features

-Cage-like TPU upper
-Nike Free Technology
-Phylon Midsoles
-Customisable Fit
-Green Neoprene sock
-Second Velcro strap on the reverse of ankle for customising fit
-Split toe
-Black rubber Nike Waffle undersole for traction and durability

Air Rift Banner


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