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Written by Marc | 07/04/2015


Brand Focus

American eye-wear label Oakley is an expert when it comes to combining technical innovation with stylish good looks. Not only do they have the lightest, most durable frames, they also have the highest specification of lenses from polarized to fully UV shielding varieties.

Best-known for their association to the sport lifestyle, Oakley is a name which has become synonymous with winter sports, athletics, BMX, stakeboarding and motocross to name a few.

The Oakley “O” is one of the most recognizable brand logos around the world today, demonstrating why their products have become one of the must-have accessories to be seen wearing in fashion.

That heritage explains some of the recent collaborative projects the brand has become involved with, such as:

Scuderia Ferrari

Four completely unique frames make up the Oakley x Scuderia Ferrari collection and it is a natural partnership given that both parties strive to push the boundaries of technical innovation.

The legendary red cars of F1’s Scuderia Ferrari symbolize excitement, innovation and performance- some of the characteristics which they share with Oakley’s sunglasses too. The limited edition collection for 2015 celebrates the joint passion for performance with the iconic red of Ferrari. All feature a laser-etched logo at the corner of the lens and come with a collectable custom Microclear case for cleaning and storage.


Models: Polarized Carbon BladePolarized TincanJupiter CarbonTwoface

You’ll find a wealth of hidden technologies integrated into Oakley sunglasses such as:

Carbon fibre for making durable, comfy and light frames, offering a unique style.

A unique hollowpoint hinge which avoids use of screws and is incredibly robust.

Unobtanium- a soft hydrophilic synthetic, it increases adhesion when wet to grip better when perspiration occurs, ideal for fitting the nose eyes and ears.

Oakley HD Polarized- a feature which improves performance, Oakley is able to boast that their special lens filters out 99% of reflected glare.

Plutonite Lens is one of the most optically pure varieties in eyewear today, maximising clarity whilst offering 100% resistance to UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Years of innovation have led to the development of impact protection against high impact. This benefit is as a result of the quality materials and unique construction of the lens and frame combinations.

100% UV protection means you’ll avoid damage whilst wearing these sunglasses, a protection which is inherent of the lens itself.

Oakley is a pioneer of the wrap-around fit which sweeps around the temple, designed to prevent dirt and 100% of harmful light reaching your eyes. It’s a practical fit which contacts the face at the bridge of the nose, the ears and it holds precisely.

Iridium is designed to balance light and reduce glare, this lens coating is made by complex means and is available in plenty of colours to optimise vision in almost any light.

Shaun White – Enduro

Enduro is a frame that is inspired by the past and in particular the style of 60s film and music stars. It has a large lens with rounded curves, coming in three separate colours- solid, vintage and a tortoise pattern. These qualities are contrasted by a lightweight O-Matter frame which enables them to be used in performance environments too. This quality is perhaps a mark of snowboarding sensation Shaun White having attached his name to them.


Eric Koston – Frogskins

Frogskins is one of Oakley’s signature designs and combines the comfort of highly technical frames with a classic cool appearance. Frogskins were first created in the 80s and have remained immune to changing trends ever since, according to Oakley themselves: “We resurrected the original tooling from the early ’80s giving you a chance to own a piece of history.”

This time they have collaborated with Eric Koston- a notorious American skateboarder who has imprinted his own personality onto the classic Oakley sunglasses with a couple of quirky printed designs, one in a unique clear and camouflage design.


Oakley have a broad selection of styles and designs available this summer, including the square wire which is an ultra-slim and sophisticated model. See them online at Mainline Menswear here:

eric kostens oakleys


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