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Written by Marc | 15/07/2015


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Born through England’s massive love for football, Terrace apparel and footwear became the standard garments for football fans all over the country.

Vintage Adidas trainers were the most popular terrace footwear with, Samba, Classic, Forest hills and Stan Smith being the ranges of choice.

Fashion, brands and look evolved during the 1980s and a popular youth culture was born. Football and fighting became a part of life for the youth of the 80s. The style at the time focused on high quality, minimal style and subtle designer branding was most popular on the terrace scene.

The common concept is that the casual scene originated in Liverpool, during the late 1970s. When Liverpool was a dominant team in Europe the fans began shopping abroad. It didn’t take long until firms in the North began taking shopping trips abroad to take advantage of these emerging trends in Europe.

Many of the original terrace brands are still most popular today: Adidas, CP Company, Stone Island, Lacoste and Armani. The newcomers on the scene are brands such as Lyle & Scott.

Violence is not as prominent these days. The terrace days may be disappearing but terrace fashion is still going strong across football leagues in the UK. Some of the original classic sportswear is making a comeback. Fila and Sergio Tacchini are becoming popular on the terrace again.

Adidas was the most popular brand for terrace footwear, especially the Forest Hills style. Originally designed to be a tennis trainer it was quickly adapted and most commonly worn on the terrace. The original design was yellow sole and gold stripes. The shoe was first created in 1979, today similar items are still the most popular and still worn on the terrace. These are Samba, Grand Slam, LA Trainer, Handball Special, Stan Smith and Gazelles. Despite being designed centuries back it seems that the oldest brands are still the best. Stick with Adidas to create your terrace look.

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