The Guide to Men’s Sunglasses

Written by Robert | 29/04/2015

Have you ever picked up a pair of sunglasses you really like the look of before trying them on and concluding that they don’t look quite right? More men are starting to realise that some styles of shades suit some types of faces more than others. So to figure out which style suits your face shape the best, read this guide before you invest in your next pair of summer sunnies.


Key Styles and Brands

Ray Ban Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters are three of the most popular designs of sunglasses ever and Ray Ban are noted for all of these designs.

OakleyIs a leading brand name with highly sophisticated and technologically advanced features such as polarized, UV resistant lenses, lightweight frames and shatter-poof qualities. They are best known for their association to outdoor sports such as skiing but collaborations like the current one with Scuderia Ferrari of Formula One has helped them appeal to new audiences and become a mainstay in fashion.

Prada Linea Rossa – Easily recognizable for a red stripe on the temple of their frames, the eye-wear line of the famed Italian brand boasts an extensive collection of frames, more often than not with a sport element to them. Visors, Aviators and rectangular styles are all common.

Other esteemed names with quality eye-wear collections include Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Armani and sportswear giants Nike who offer a variety of classic, contemporary and robust sport inspired designs.

Which Style Suits Your Face?

It might sound ridiculous but according to “The shape of your face is one of the biggest factors to consider when searching for your perfect pair of shades”.

Oval – If you’d describe the shape of your face as an oval, you’re probably in luck because most styles of sunglasses will sit well including the most popular styles like Aviators, Wayfarers and sporty designs.

oval face

Round – Spherical faces should avoid the rounded shapes of Aviators which emphasise the trait apparently. Short rectangular designs should off-set the curvature and add definition.

round faces

Long – Elongated face shapes are best for incorporating oversized styles to nullify and balance out the features, as opposed to small lenses which may well accentuate them. Such designs might include Visors or Aviators.

sunglasses oblong

Square – Faces with strong features such as a prominent jaw or forehead might be best advised to avoid square or rectangular shapes in favour of a rounded frame to contrast and soften the appearance.

square sunglasses

Heart – People call it a heart shaped face when someone has a wide forehead and yet a narrow chin, which is actually quite a common. Oversized frames make the head appear smaller but designs like the semi-framed Clubmaster are effective to compliment this appearance.

heart shaped

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