The New Nike Roshe One

Written by Robert | 24/04/2015



Nike have recently renamed their phenomenally successful Roshe Run the Roshe One and the first versions of the shoe in its new guise are available right now at Mainline Menswear.

In a short space of time the Roshe has brought running shoes into the mainstream, popular among collectors, athletes and in mainstream fashion alike.

The new range features three new colours, the all white, black and grey, but there are also a plethora of current Roshe Run models in other colours too, as well as the “Sneakerboot” versions. The new styles- named Roshe One BR- feature a noticeable redesigned mesh upper designed to make them even lighter and more breathable. Made with a phylon midsole, the shoe is versatile and can be worn with or without socks for exercise or for leisure. Inspired by the practice of yoga and the concept of Zen, the Nike Roshe One is the epitome of simplicity.

nike roshe ones

Nobody knows exactly why the shoe has been renamed for sure, some say it’s to distance the series from serious running shoes, others suggest it leads the way for Nike to release further Roshe based models, similar to how they did with the Air Max series in years gone by. Nike Air Max was a cutting edge running shoe at one stage but once it retired from that market it seamlessly made the transition to fashion and remains popular years afterwards.

For runners of all standards, spring is the peak time for the sport and with the London Marathon taking place this Sunday, those taking part will be yearning for the comfort offered by the likes of Nike’s Roshe trainers, or alternatively the Free Run series which features the new Socfly. These popular Nike trainers have revolutionised the way athletic shoes feel to wear underfoot, designed to mimic the feel of a bare foot, a notion they set about achieving after discovering a group of American university athletes were starting to train on grass bare-footed.

Below: The Nike Socfly- part of Nike’s Track & Field campaign- is available at Mainline Menswear.



nike roshe one

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