Ways to Wear an Overcoat

Written by Marc | 06/10/2015




It has been reported that 1772 was the year the overcoat was innovated, but it was in the 19th century that the overcoat really came into the popular scene. Either date shows that the overcoat has been around a long time and it’s a staple part of many wardrobes.

Over coat

Some of the best overcoats are crafted from 100% wool, this heavy fabric will keep you warm and can weather a storm very well. If you are looking for an overcoat you can rely on for years you are best looking for 100% wool that has a decent weight, most men’s overcoats weigh roughly 4 lbs. The overcoat is a long-sleeved coat, being either single or double-breasted and commonly featuring a single vent on the back. Originally the overcoat commonly extended below the knee, more modern styles rarely do.

Single-breasted overcoats are more minimal, enabling you to team the jacket with the 9-5 suit 5 days a week or jeans and an oxford shirt for a weekend outfit. In contrast, double-breasted overcoats are more detailed and best worn with a fully tailored outfit.

Overcoats are designed to be an outer garment and to be worn in the colder months. Many people feel it’s an additional item to a suit, but it has so much more potential.

Smart: The overcoat lends itself to smartening your outfit up without needing a suit jacket, this gives your outfit a stronger and boxier silhouette. Giving you a clean-cut image to match a perfectly tailored suit.

Smart overcoat

Casual: If you’re wondering how to wear an overcoat casually, pair it with a gingham shirt, rolled-up acid-washed jeans and a pair of chunky boots. For a heavily layered street look why not chuck your hooded jumper with a denim jacket and then your overcoat.

Casual Overcoat

Night Out: To some people wearing an overcoat on a night out may seem a little over the top, however, get it right and it could be one of the best outfits you ever put together. Teaming your overcoat with ripped jeans, long knitwear jumper and plimsolls will give you an authentic look. Also is great to keep you warm when walking home in the early hours.

Beckham overcoat

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