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Written by Robert | 26/01/2015


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long sleeved poloLots of stock is now arriving at Mainline Menswear in time for the Spring Summer season ahead, one noticeable trend that has already appeared is that of long-sleeved polo shirts, available from dozens of the best labels on the market.

Polo shirts themselves never really go out of fashion and have been present since the early to mid-1900s. Their origins are up for debate really though, some would claim they were first invented by tennis player Rene Lacoste’s brand which he managed to popularize by wearing on-court. Others say that polo players in India wore something similar to the design during the 1800s. Either way, it is clear to see the there is a sporting heritage.

You might not realize it, but long-sleeved polo shirts are actually one of the most accommodating pieces of clothing you can own. They look good every season, working well in the winter under a layered outfit but equally adept during the summer without feeling too chunky or stuffy. You can buy them in a variety of different colours or materials, and you can roll the sleeves up or down to suit the weather.

This year there are plenty of different brands to choose from when it comes to long-sleeved polos too. The obvious ones are Fred Perry and Lacoste because they are seen as the original polo shirt brands. But having said that there are other options such as those from Ralph Lauren– which is probably your best bet if you want to channel the preppy look- and also the likes of Armani, Stone Island and a few others too.

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gilet polo lookIt’s worth remembering that the polo shirt is inherently a sportswear item, albeit a retro one. But thankfully its appearance is neutral enough to wear in the majority of outfits. A pair of neatly tapered tracksuit bottoms will work a treat with a long-sleeved polo, particularly in dark hues. You can top this look off by adding a pair of lightweight runners. If it’s chilly, you might want to add a gilet for a modern sports look with the added practicality.


The polo shirt is surprisingly smart and whether you are running late and rushing to find something to wear or else you just need a quick fix for a last-minute dinner date- a polo shirt will combine perfectly with a blazer, or just some dark coloured jeans and a decent pair of brogues.


long sleeve polo

Being such a versatile piece of clothing like it is, you can quite easily use the long-sleeved polo to wrap up during the colder months and in doing so staying stylish too. Luckily the polo will look at home with the majority of outerwear silhouettes such as Harrington jackets, bombers, pea coats- you name it.


relaxed polo shirt lookYou can quite easily make a long-sleeved polo the key piece in your stylish everyday/ weekend outfits and whilst usually the most adaptable type of polo shirt is a dark coloured one, bright colours such as red or white are perfect for making the polo stand out. The best thing about polo shirts is that it’s easy to get them to fit nicely. So you can make a casual outfit look as if it’s been tailor-made. A lot of people wear trainers in this situation but swap them for some casual boots like those by Timberland or H by Hudson and it looks far more stylish and sophisticated, without looking any less casual. The polo shirt has always been the ultimate smart/casual item.

Such is our love for polo shirts, you’ll now get them in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, collar styles and even materials. There’s so much scope to experiment and it’s safe to say no wardrobe is really complete without. You can even get loose, original and slim fits; something to suit a variety of tastes.

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