Trending Jackets for Winter 2016

Written by Kimberley | 19/09/2016


A Guide to Choosing the Right Winter Jackets

What jackets to wear this winter? It is coming to that time of year when Autumn is upon us and we need to start thinking about buying our winter coat. The shops are full of shades of reds, khaki greens and darker color palettes, gone are the shorts and tee’s, the jeans, thick coats and jumpers have returned.

Jackets and coats come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, there is the Puffer jacket, the Parka, the Gilet, the Bomber, the Windbreaker and the Waterproof, that’s not them all. We can not forget about the leather jacket, the biker jacket, the trench coat, the denim jacket, wax jackets and military jackets. The list just simply goes on; it is understandable why choosing the right winter coat can be such a tough decision for the man.

To help you we have selected a few coats from Pyrenex, Barbour, Alpha Industries and The North Face. Applying our knowledge with the current trends and the products themselves we have put together some advice and tips to help guide you when purchasing your coat.

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Alpha Industries: B3M Jacket

The pilot jacket is on the rise and is ideal for the colder days, the faux fur collar keeps you warm around your neck and extends throughout the lining. With Kanye West purchasing the MA-1 flight jackets and applying his own prints for the ‘life of Pablo’ tour this had a huge effect on the brand and of course started a trend.

Barbour: Hooded Beadle Jacket – 

Barbour are well known for the durability and quality of their products so you can feel confident whilst making your purchase, this coat could last you the whole winter. The word winter to us, ( in Yorkshire especially ) means wind & rain, it is essential that your coat is waterproof. This Barbour beadle jacket is waterproof and breathable at the same time stylish and stands out in the mustard yellow colour.

Pyrenex: Mistral Jacket –

A padded down jacket in Pepper Red, the ultimate winter coat keeping you warm throughout this season. The raccoon fur around the hood is detachable, so for those extra chilly days keep it on or if it is a little warmer then take it off.

The North Face: La Paz Jacket –

A padded down puffer coat, North Face are specialists at designer outerwear so if your going to be spending a significant amount of time outside this winter, then you should consider a North Face product. ­

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