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Written by Marc | 07/09/2016

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The new range of relaunched Adidas 83-C collection has now landed at Mainline Menswear.

This range is styled to resemble football terraces and estates of Norther Britain. The 83-C collection is being relaunched after a 15-year interval.

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The first launch of the collection 15 years ago saw celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher and Madonna all support this style. At these time celebrities played a massive part in the launch of the Originals 83-C track top, this was not initially advertised. Rather celebrities were gifted the garment and “captured” wearing it by the style press.

The collection is said to have been developed when Adidas designers discovered a track top with 83-C embroidered by hand on the chest and J.Mano on the sleeve. This was found during a thrift store buying trip, after the trip it was discovered that the unknown owner of the top was a humble mechanic from Mexico. This famous 83-C collection was born from the Mexican mechanic who changed tires at a race track called 83-C.

The regenerated range includes, Track Tops, Sweatshirts and T Shirts.

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