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Written by Marc | 01/09/2016

Adidas Originals


Adidas GTXThe new Adidas Jeans GTX Trainers have just been released online through Mainline Menswear. They use a state of the art waterproof technology, called gore-tex. This is developed to protect your trainers from the elements. Keeping them looking clean and fresh – no matter what the weather.

The GTX trainers are the first shoe by Adidas to use this technology, which has been around in clothing since 1969. They come under the adidas Originals Jeans line, which produces current trainers styled on the 1980s. Providing you with an old fashioned look, that is still fashionable today. Adidas Gore Tex 1

adidas Originals is a line of casual sports clothing and footwear, also known as athleisure. It is a heritage line of the famous Adidas brand, using the trefoil logo. This logo is now specific only to adidas Originals products.

Within the heritage line, there are number of diffusion sub-categories, one of them being adidas Originals Jeans. The trainers produced within this line are traditionally made with a suede upper and a gum sole for a unique look and feel. They are a very versatile shoe, which can be worn for sport, or as a fashion accessory – covering any and all bases.

The newest shoe within this line are the GTX trainers. These shoes are the first to take advantage of the gore-tex material. A synthetic waterproof fabric, permeable to both air and water vapour. This means you can go out for a run in the rain, without worrying about your socks and feet becoming sodden. As the trainers will deflect the water rather than absorb it.

The trainers come in two colour designs; black and orange, or red and black. They feature the Adidas three stripes on each side in a contrasting colour to the upper of the shoe, in order to make them stand out.

Adidas Gore Tex 5 Adidas Gore Tex 3 Adidas Gore Tex 4 Adidas Gore Tex 2

Although they may look very similar to many other Adidas trainers, it’s what you can’t see that makes them special. Water and other liquids simply slide off the upper, thanks to the repellant GTX material. These trainers are a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors, and needs shoes that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.

They have literally just hit the shelves at Mainline Menswear, but are sure to be a popular item. Make sure you grab your pair before they go out of stock. If you want any other Adidas products, we sell a wide range of these as well. Including more footwear, and clothing ranging from t-shirts, to track tops and jackets. Visit our website here to browse our extensive collection.

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