adidas Originals Trainers – Los Angeles, Topanga and Jeans

Written by Marc | 15/08/2016

Adidas Originals


adidasAdidas has been a leading sportswear brand since its founding by Adi Dassler in 1949. They are giants in the industry, perhaps only rivalled by Nike. Producing sports clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories; there’s no part of the market they haven’t conquered. Adidas is now also becoming more favoured in the fashion industry as well, for their clothing and footwear.

Today, Mainline Menswear is going to look into three adidas Originals trainers. See how they began, where they are today, and what you can wear them with. Adidas trainers are some of the most popular shoes worldwide, and these three are no exception. Adidas 1

adidas Originals Los Angeles Trainers

The Los Angeles trainer is a fresh silhouette modelled on the celebrity culture of the city. They have a modern, but minimalistic style, with muted tones combined with occasional splashes of colour. Los Angeles is a city famous for vibrant life, and these shoes reflect that, being able to be worn in many situations.Adidas 2

The trainers are relatively new to the Adidas line, unlike many designs which date back to the 1900s. These are specifically tailored to embrace the world of fashion, and the sleek textile design combined with a sport mesh upper does just that. Ideal for wearing to the gym, or as a fashion item, Adidas LA’s are pretty close to the perfect trainer.

adidas Originals Topanga Trainers

Topanga trainers were released by Adidas in the 1970s as a relaxed, leisure trainer. They were designed as an alternative to many Adidas shoes which were on the market as sports trainers, so that everyone could have a pair of Adidas to wear – no matter what they spent their time doing. Adidas 3

In 2014 Adidas relaunched the Topanga trainer, with a fresh look on the original 70s model. They still have a vintage design, down to the suede upper and synthetic lining. These trainers are the perfect streetwear; as the range of colours means you can find a pair to go with almost any outfit. The three stripe logo on the sides of the shoe lets everyone know you’re wearing Adidas, a brand synonymous with style and class.

adidas Originals Jeans Trainers

adidas Originals Jeans trainers are another style fresh from the archives, modelled on trainers from the 1980s. They sport a vintage suede upper like the Topanga’s, providing an old fashioned look whilst still being fashionable for today. Adidas 4

The gum sole also creates a unique look, meaning these trainers are noticeable however you wear them. They can be worn as casual sports trainers, or out for drinks in the evening – making them a very versatile shoe, like many Adidas creations. Being under the adidas Originals brand means the Jeans trainers are full of heritage, and yet still fit in to the busy lifestyle of today.

Mainline Menswear stocks a large selection of adidas Originals products, including footwear in each of these styles. We also sell many more Adidas trainers, as well as clothing like t-shirts, jumpers and track suits. Visit our website here to shop our extensive collection.

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