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Written by Marc | 05/08/2016


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was created in 1968 as a coat shop in New York. The brand instantly soared to fame as just a year later Calvin Klein was featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Now, less than 50 years later Calvin Klein is internationally recognised as one of the biggest and best clothing brands worldwide. They sell everything imaginable, from shirts to footwear, and from fragrances to underwear.

The cK style varies depending on each item of clothing. From the smartest shirts and suits all the way down to sportswear and specifically rugged t-shirt designs. Calvin Klein cater to every man’s need, for every occasion.

Currently, the more retro looking cK logo designs are what is trending. Many of their t-shirts and sweatshirts still feature this cK logo style. So we’re going to talk you through the different styles and fits for these to allow you to purchase your retro style Calvin Klein clothing with confidence.


Several Calvin Klein sweatshirt designs feature their retro cK logo print. The Hinter style sweatshirt has a fitted styling, with a crew neck and ribbed collar. Accent seams at the sleeves provide a rustic look, in sync with the retro logo design printed on the chest. This Calvin Klein classic is the essence of what the vintage Calvin Klein brand used to thrive in. So it’s no surprise part of it remains popular today.

Harbor styles from Calvin Klein also feature the famous logo. These sweatshirts are more shaped than Hinter designs, and therefore sit closer to the body. The shoulders and yoke are more fitted than usual, which in turn makes your chest look more sculpted. A ribbed triangle inset beneath the crew neck further draws the eyes into the fitting of this sweatshirt. This all combines to create a tailored style.

Finally, the simple logo sweatshirt by Calvin Klein Jeans brings back the 90s nostalgia with its classic look. These logo sweatshirts have a baggier, regular fit which means the sleeves are slightly longer to be pulled up, and the body of the sweatshirt leaves room for a t-shirt to be worn underneath. The vintage cK logo design takes us back to when Calvin Klein was just finding its feet as a brand. Signifying how far it has come whilst still sticking with the same basic ethos and design.

Calvin Klein 3 Calvin Klein 2


Many Calvin Klein t-shirts also still display the retro logo. Its popularity has risen massively recently due to the interest in vintage style clothing. One style of tee which is selling out fast is the tercer t-shirt. It has a medium fit, but still appears slim on the wearer. The length means it can be tucked in at the front, ideal for if you want to show off your belt. The cK logos are subtle on the tercer tees, and often blend into the rest of the shirt with a matching colour – however still remain noticeable to display your style.

Reissue Calvin Klein logo t-shirts further demonstrate the signature cK jeans logo. These logos stand out in either black or white to provide a contrast on the t-shirt, which itself comes in a regular fitted style with a crew neck. Like the logo sweatshirts these bring back the look of the 90s, but with more refined edges and a neater finish.

Bron t-shirts are the last style in Calvin Klein which will give you that retro look everyone is striving for. The cK logo is visible on the chest, and the tight fitting across the upper half accentuates muscle and definition. The sleeves are ribbed onto the biceps so this style really is the one if you want to show off your upper body. It can also be worn as a breathable layer, underneath any of the sweatshirts we mentioned above. Calvin Klein 5 Calvin Klein 4

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular designer brands with both the non-famous and the famous. Many celebrities have taken part in advertising campaigns for the brand, including actors Jamie Dornan and Alexander Skarsgard, footballer James Rodriguez and most recently Justin Bieber who starred in a #mycalvins commercial.

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