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Written by Marc | 09/08/2016


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When it comes to accessorising a suit, there’s nothing that provides instant style like a pocket square. A simple piece of fabric, available in various colours and designs really has an effect on a plain black or navy suit.

Unfortunately, there is one part of the pocket square that isn’t quite as simple. Folding it. There are so many different ways to fold a pocket square, and all just to show off a few inches of fabric. So Mainline Menswear has shortlisted a few, and we’re providing you with a step by step process to allow you to fold your pocket square with ease.

The Presidential/Square Fold

Definitely the simplest way to fold your pocket square. It produces one thin, straight line of fabric peeking out of your jacket pocket. Simply fold the square in half, horizontally. Then fold in half again, however so one half is about an inch longer than the other – this will be the visible part. Then tuck the now rectangle into your pocket leaving an inch of fabric visible above the pocket.

One Point Fold

Another simple, but stylish way to fold your pocket square. To begin with, fold the square in half diagonally, so you create a triangle. Then, from the base of the triangle fold the doubled-over corners in from both sides. You can fold them in as far as you need so the base of the square is the width of your jacket pocket.

You should be left with what is effectively a smaller square, with a little triangle on top, with the point facing upwards. Slide the folded bottom square into your pocket, leaving the top triangle visible, pointing straight up.

For a two point fold, follow the same steps as above, however when you initially fold the square in half diagonally, off-centre the fold slightly. This should leave you with two peaks sticking out, then follow the remaining steps to produce a triangle, with a second point behind it.

The Puff Fold

This is one of the more complicated pocket square looks, however it’s still fairly manageable to achieve. To start with, instead of laying the square flat, pinch it in the centre and let the edges and corners hang down. Allow the fabric to adjust so it is relatively even all around.

Don’t let go of the centre pinch, but with your other hand gently pull the edges together to form a loose tube shape. Then roll up the bottom of the tube until you can place it in your jacket pocket with just the pinched centre showing. This will leave you with a puffed out dome poking out of your pocket.

The Dunaway Fold

This follows the same instructions as the puff fold, up until the final step. When you’ve got your pocket square pulled together in a loose tube, invert the tube shape and spread the loose edges out with your fingertips. Fold the centre of the square upward, stopping about halfway up the tube shape.

Finally, tuck the doubled-over tube into your jacket pocket so the splayed edges of the pocket square are visible. You can adjust it with your fingers to produce the desired look. There should be a puff in the centre, with two smaller triangles pointing upwards on each side.

So there you have it, several simple ways to fold your pocket square. Done correctly, these looks should provide an extra bit of finesse to your suit and make you look even more fashionable. Pocket squares are available in block colours or with patterned designs, they also come in several different types of material.

Mainline Menswear sells a selection of pocket squares to accessorise your outfit. Visit our website here to browse our extensive stock. We also sell suit jackets, trousers, shirts, ties and shoes so you can find your complete suit outfit with us.

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