How to Look Good on the Terraces

Written by Marc | 18/10/2016




How to look good on the terraces

“Football is nothing without its fans” and with this in mind, you want to look the part when you’re heading to the stadium to support your team. Most casuals will be displaying the likes of Adidas, Stone Island and Fila. Whilst not everyone is into the ‘casual’ look at their games, there are a few items that just might tempt you into making the switch. The casual football look is still alive and here are a few essentials that’ll help you get the look.

T Shirts 

You can never go wrong with Adidas; and with Fila making a strong comeback into the world of football fashion, it’s a great time to check out the range when it comes to the ‘casual’ look. T-shirts are a great starting point and Mainline Menswear has plenty of smart designs available. You’ll see a lot of these popular designs when it comes to t-shirts as these classics have been going strong since the 80’s when the casuals were in full force.

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Jackets and Jumpers

If you’ve ever been to a football match, you’ll know that Stone Island is a popular choice for many supporters. You’ll also find plenty of tidy Fila jackets on display in and around the grounds and for a good reason. Whether you’re looking to capture the Green Street look or are just looking for some fashionable football-casual jackets to keep you snug in the stands, here are some great items that just might be your thing.

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When it comes to footwear you’ll find Adidas is the classic and once again favoured choice, in particular their Gazelle model. There have been some neat designs in this range; below are a few that might be your type. There is also Adidas’s Hamburg range which is equally popular on the football scene. With numerous colours of each model available on the Mainline Menswear site, you’re sure to find a shoe to fit your football fancy.

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With the cold season amongst us, there’s no better way to complete the head-to-foot casual look with some cosy headwear. One of the most stylish known brands, it’s no wonder Ralph Lauren is a popular one when it comes to hats. Here are three simple choices that can keep your head warm and your look complete.

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You’ll find with the football-casual look that it’s not too flashy – it’s simple, it’s smart and it’s stylish. The Adidas range has always been a popular choice and with plenty to choose from on Mainline Menswear, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Fila’s popularity is also on the rise with more and more people displaying the Fila logo, especially on their T shirts. Make sure you stand out on the terraces when supporting your team with these stylish options for the fashionable football fan.

Written By Joe Ball

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