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Written by Dan | 06/11/2022




The World Cup is almost upon us, and whether you’re lucky enough to be heading out to Qatar to watch the games live or you’ll be watching England take on the world from the comfort of your local pub, Mainline Menswear have got you covered. Check out our Terrace Styles edit for all the best designer clothes, footwear and accessories that will have you looking sharp whilst supporting England (or Wales…)

Key Pieces

There are a few key pieces that are essential for nailing that terrace-style look. A good pair of jeans is a must – we recommend going for a slim fit to avoid looking like you’re wearing your dad’s jeans.

Swap your old T shirt for a button-down shirt or polo shirt. Again, you want to strike a balance between comfort and style. And importantly, add a jacket or a warm jumper to your outfit. The games are on late and it’s likely to get chilly and will also help you to look more stylish.

A man wears Marshall Artist - terrace style clothing

Terrace Style Footwear

Trainers are always a good choice when it comes to terrace-style footwear. They’re comfortable, look good, and won’t break the bank. Go for a classic style like Nike Air Max 90s, or try something new from Mainline Menswear’s range of designer trainers.  We love these adidas Originals Hamburg trainers in striking orange!

An orange adidas Originals Hamburg trainer


If you’re looking for something a little smarter, consider a pair of loafers or brogues. These are perfect for smart-casual occasions like heading to the local to watch the match. Just make sure you avoid wearing anything too formal like oxford shoes – leave those for the office!

Finally, don’t forget to accessorise with an England flag or scarf. The perfect way to show your support for the team and who knows, it might even bring you some good luck!

So there you have it – everything you need to know to get kitted out for the World Cup. Whether you’re heading to Qatar or watching from the pub, make sure you show your support in style with Mainline Menswear.


COME ON ENGLAND! (or Wales…)


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