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Written by Marc | 09/12/2016

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MUNCHEN The Adidas Munchen trainer was introduced in 1979, its was named the years all round trainer. Featured a clean suede toe, a mesh rear portion and thick midsole like the Puma California.

This style was taken from the original city series, the Munchen was once a much-loved addition to the Adidas family, but production was stopped in 1984-85 for unknown reasons. Ever since the Munchen has had enthusiasts searching high and low for the original version.


The Return of Adidas Munchen

Adidas’s Autumn Winter 2016 range has seen the return of the Munchen style. This version boasts all the original features including the premium quality suede upper and leather details adorning the side panels and heel area. The classic gum soles makes a welcomed return. It seems all the small but time honored details have been kept, including the serrated trim around the lace area to match the Adidas stripes to the side panel.

The trainer was first designed to be an indoor training shoe. Since then has seen quite a storied history. The silhouette represents a significant stride in advancing light weight training shoes.

Its styling sits perfectly within the classic city range which it was originally part of, before it was brought back as part of the Gary Aspdens Spezial project with Adidas Originals. The trainer was only ever exclusively produced in Japan due to special license.

Explore here the range of Adidas Munchen.


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