The history behind Levis 501

Written by Marc | 14/07/2016



The Levi 501 label has been a world-famous brand for over a hundred years. At the forefront of fashion, the 501 jeans have sculpted history. They have been worn tirelessly by men and women in all walks of life for generations.

Levi Strauss and Co. was born in 1853 as a dry goods company and made their first pair of blue jeans in 1873. The iconic 501s were created in 1890. Since then have become a global brand; named fashion item of the century by Time Magazine in 1999.


man wearing blue levi jeans

The famous ‘Two Horse’ logo was created in 1886 to demonstrate the strength of the jeans. It signifies that they can’t even be ripped apart by two, fully grown horses.

The 501 jeans were originally designed for miners, farmers and factory workers, due to their long-lasting, durable material. It was in the 1930s when Levis began to be worn by the general public, as they became famous in cowboy films. Suddenly, everyone wanted to be a cowboy, and everyone wanted to wear Levis.

Since their creation, the 501s have been synonymous with bikers, and Levi even developed a specific sub-brand aimed at bikers. Because of this, Levis were momentarily banned in schools, due to their relation to destruction and violence.

However, nothing could get in the way of the huge denim brand. By the 1950s Levi 501s were a signature look in Hollywood, and everyone was wearing the famous jeans. They became a unique look in the rock and roll industry, and by the late 1960s the Levi brand had reached nearly one hundred countries worldwide.

man wearing levis 501 jeans

Now they are available in 110 countries, and come in numerous styles for men, women and children. Levis have expanded their brand to include not only jeans, but t-shirts, jackets, shirts and many other clothes.

The 501s remain at the forefront of the famous Levi brand, and are now available in various colours and designs. Skinny, slim, tapered, straight, boot cut, relaxed and big & tall styles are available for men, and the styles can be worn with everything, to any occasion. Making them without a doubt the most versatile and durable jeans available.


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