How to Layer up this Winter

Written by Kimberley | 11/11/2016


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Want to keep warm but unsure of the best way to layer up and remain stylish? … Well we have some hints and tips that may just solve that problem.

Unfortunately, those summer days are no longer and daylight is over by 4pm, so we put away the shorts and t-shirts and pull out the chunky knit jumpers, thick coats and winter boots. Layering up is key, you don’t want to wear too many and get too hot, however you don’t want to let yourself get too cold either. With these following tips we can ensure you wear just the right amount of layers to keep nice and warm this winter.

There is one simple rule to be followed when layering… if one layer is removed the rest of your outfit should still be styled to match. For example, if your wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a jumper and a jacket, when you remove the jacket your outfit should look just as good.


Applying that method, we can now begin on the layering process. Firstly, you need a base layer, this should be a t-shirt or shirt depending on the occasion, it needs be lightweight and loose. If you get too warm you can remove one layer and cool down nicely with the base layer.

Moving on, there are many options for the second layer which is perfect because this is what you are more than likely to wear for the majority of the day. Again depending on the occasion, this has an effect on what to add, whether it be weekend wear, for work or for some drinks in a bar. Most frequently the second layer will consist of a zip jumper, a shirt to put over a plain t-shirt, a blazer for those smarter occasions or a classic knitted jumper. The second layer can also be known as the ‘middle layer’, it sits in-between the base layer and your outer layer (the jacket) if you choose to wear one.

Finally comes the third /outer layer if you need one, the winter weather is unpredictable and while when you wake up it might be clear skies, later on in the day it may turn bitterly cold or worse start raining. So my advice in the event of that occurring – be prepared! In the morning either carry your jacket or simply place it over your shoulders if it is too warm to wear, you just don’t know when you might need that final layer.



Of course there are accessories that can be layered on top, the most common being a scarf and that can be paired with a hat. The list can go on and you can keep adding layers, as long as you are warm and remain stylish then you have mastered the technique of layering. For some inspiration, below are images of people we think have mastered the layers.

Written by Terri Hinchliffe

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