How to Wear a Long Sleeve Top

Written by Kimberley | 23/12/2016


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long sleeve top If you’re looking to dress on the more casual end of the smart casual look then long sleeve top ‘s are a great option, if not a versatile staple. In this colder weather, long sleeves are a good alternative to braving the wintery conditions in just a t-shirt and jacket. Also, from a female perspective, I can say I love a man in a long sleeve top!

This Luke long sleeve top has a honeycomb knit feel to it which gives the impression of extra warmth for these cold December days. The tight fit will also show off your body, the combination of it’s texture and slim fit accentuating your chest and shoulders. For a bit of advice on coordinating –  dark colours suit guys with darker hair and a darker skin tone. You’re welcome!

long sleeve top 1

Adidas originals always make our lists and for good reason. They’re usually lower in price, brilliant quality and always fashionable. This Adidas originals shirt is no exception and is perfect for chilling at home or popping out to a lecture at university without having to worry about dressing too snazzy. This long sleeve tee could be worn with a pair of jogging bottoms or even smartened up with a good pair of jeans.

For a more casual look that’ll keep you comfortable chilling on the sofa or running to the shops, these slouchy joggers offer the best contrast to a casual tight long sleeve tee and can be adapted to fit any casual occasion.

long sleeve top 2

This pair of grey jeans would also go perfect with a long sleeve tee, more specifically the dark navy colour of the Luke 1977 mentioned above. The slim fit of these jeans would also provide the outfit with a smarter, neater look. Finish the look with white or grey trainers, as black ones offer too stark a contrast and would not quite fit with the colour of these jeans.

long sleeve top 3These white Lacoste trainers would suit the Levis jeans and would add a subtle contrast to the slight darkness of their colour. Alternatively, you could wear these shoes with anything and would go perfectly with any denim as white is very versatile. The more casual design also fits with the slimming look of a tight long sleeve top and slim fit jeans.

Written by Genevieve Lewis


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