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Written by Marc | 17/03/2016


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Psycho Bunny

Samsoe Mainline images (3)Psycho Bunny is renowned for its English tailoring with bold American design. The brand creates timeless wardrobe essentials, focusing on using the finest materials. Psycho Bunny style is based on delivering a traditional edgy look for someone who is passionate about style.

How it Started –

It all started with ties. Long-time friends Robert Godley and Robert Goldman founded Psycho Bunny in 2005. With the initial thought to dedicate in neck wear design. Their first collection of handmade silk neckties featured the signature long eared cross bone- clad lagomorph icon to the world. Rapidly the pairs quirky aesthetics  earned a loyal following around the world.

Beginning of Psycho Bunny Icon –

The world of neckties has previously been fairly straightforward. Everyone knows the ascot and bow tie, paisley and plaids. Godley turned neckwear on its head the look created a whole new dimension. The adventurous mind of Godley sketched a logo on a napkin during a meeting with a friend, an English weaver. From this sketch an icon was born. Quickly the standard was set for what Psycho Bunny brand would represent: redefined and classic style. When wearing the logo, you’re wearing the distinguished wit and unrivalled style.

Quality Became Habit –

Any wearer of Psycho Bunny is acknowledging the unique design and expert craftsmanship that go into creating each and every garment. The brand is known for being extremely proud of the relationship it has with their manufacturers, the garments are hand crafted using traditional techniques.

Since the brands humble beginnings they have learnt a lot from strengths and weaknesses. Renowned for conducting extensive research and regularly visit each mill and factory in person. This can guarantee each mill is working efficiently on each product and produces reliable and consistently impeccable results. Quality of product is key to the character of the brand.

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