James Hunt Belstaff Collection

Written by Marc | 16/06/2016




The brand new Belstaff collection has been launched to honor the British Sporting legend James Hunt. The collection has launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of James Hunts historic 76 formula one win at Fuji. His two sons Freddie and Tom designed the range in collaboration with Belstaff which contains 6 exclusive pieces.

Combining Belstaff’s historical outwear pieces and Hunt’s famous red race suit with white stitching they have created an iconic collection. The range created in hand waxed leather has two key styles: a four pocket belted jacket with quilted details on the shoulder and a second shorter shape with just two chest pockets. Both styles are fully lined with the design of Hunts iconic race suit. Also in the range is a short café race blouson, this introduces a new soya cotton wax. To accompany it are T shirts and Polo shirts in the iconic Hunt colors. To complete this collection are a pair of straight legged black denim jeans.


The Legend:

London born in 1947, James Hunt decided at the young age of 18 to become a race car driver. In his early 20’s Hunt he changed Formula One, with his bad boy image, good looks and winning ways he rapidly became a fan favorite.

In 1976 he became the champion of his sport, beating long-time rival Niki Lauda. This summit in his career seemed to take the challenge out of the sport for him and just two year later Hunt retired. For a time, prior he returned to broadcasting but died at age 45 of a heart attack.

Throughout his sporting career hunt was known to have lived on adrenaline. It was at the end of the career that he found most difficult with a lack of danger. He only won the title once, with his skill and lack of fear its guaranteed he could have achieved much more if he had succeeded in getting the darker side of his personality under control.

There is simply no argument about his status as an icon of sport. It is this icon that Belstaff is paying tribute to with the James Hunt Collection. Hunt may have died tragically young, but his legend will continue for a very long time. The collection is honoring a true icon of sport.


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