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Written by Eleanor | 24/08/2016


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If you work in an office, and spend most of your days sitting at a desk, finding time to keep fit can be difficult. The 9-5 workday doesn’t leave much time for anything else, especially if you’ve then got to drive home, cook dinner and spend time with your family.

Weekends can be a struggle too. You’re bound to want to relax a bit after the week, and more often than not you’ll have something planned with family or friends. This means the cause of staying fit and active can take a backseat. Therefore, Mainline Menswear have decided to help you out, giving you some information about how you can fit a workout into your busy schedule.

On the commute

The first thing to tackle is how you travel to and from work. If you generally tend to drive and don’t live too far away, consider swapping your car for a bike and cycle into work instead. If your journey is too far to cycle the entire way, find out if you could park anywhere further from your office. Then you can walk the rest of the way in and out to get a short burst of cardio.

If you use public transport, you can also use this trick. Simply get off the bus or the tube one stop before you normally would and walk the rest of the way. Even five minutes of cardio will make a difference to your lifestyle if you keep it up every day. Often it’s not about how strenuous the activity is, it’s how much you repeat it.

In the office

When you arrive at work, don’t just sit down in your chair and remain there until lunchtime. Firstly, take the stairs up to your office rather than the elevator – if you have one. Once you’re in, walk around and say hello to everyone. Make a cup of tea, offer everyone else a cup of tea and try to keep your heartrate going whilst your computer is starting up for the day.

When you’re sitting at your desk, there are certain exercises you can do incognito. Just sitting with your feet off the floor, by a couple of inches, will engage both your leg muscles and your core. You can also do leg raises in secret underneath your desk. Simply straighten one leg, lift it up so your thigh is slightly off the seat, then lower it again. If you repeat this several times and don’t put your feet back on the ground your leg muscles will strengthen, and no one in the office will be any wiser.

You can also easily tone up your glutes whilst sitting down as well. Simply clench your buttocks for 15-20 seconds at a time and then release. Other things you can do at your desk include pressing your hands together with flat palms – in a prayer position. You should feel this in your biceps, and can just be held for 30 seconds whilst you’re reading an email or planning your next meeting.

When you’re on your lunch break, make the most of the spare time. If it’s a nice day head out for a short walk or even a quick jog. If the weather isn’t so great outside, you can easily take yourself off to a quieter part of the office and do some more rigorous exercises than what you manage at your desk.

Back at home

Away from the office you can still manage to get a bit of exercise in, even if you don’t want to leave the house. When you’re watching television in the evening, make the most of the advert breaks. Generally, adverts either last for 30 seconds or a minute – the perfect amount of time for a few exercises. For the duration of one advert, do some squats, then rest for another advert, plank during the next one, rest, and keep repeating until your show starts again.

Short bursts of 3-4 minutes will elevate your heartrate massively, and if you do this three times during an hour show, you’ll quickly notice the difference by episode six or seven. Try and get your family or people you live with involved too. Exercise is always easier and more enjoyable when you’ve got other people doing it with you. They’ll encourage you, and you can set shared goals to try and reach each week.

Extra Top Tips

Finally, try and make a schedule and stick to it. If your wife works late on Tuesday’s, use that extra hour you have to yourself and go for a run. Or promise yourself you’ll spend at least half a day out of the house over the weekend.

Eating healthily is of course another massive part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise will mean nothing if you binge on junk food afterwards, so plan your meals and make sure you’re fuelling your body right.

One final trick is to utilise what you find lying around your home. Squatting whilst holding a carton of milk will increase the strain on your arms, or doing step ups before bed every night is an easy workout when you’ve got to walk up the stairs anyway.

Workout 2 Workout 3

Making time for a workout really isn’t as hard as you think it is. You don’t have to spend an hour in the gym every morning. It’s simple, quick bursts of activity that will all add up and make you fitter.

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