Gym Clothes For Men: What to Wear?

Written by Dan | 07/03/2023


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Men: what do you wear in the gym? Gone are the days when going to the gym meant throwing on an old pair of trackies and a T shirt. These days, men need to put some thought into their workout clothes.

Firstly, for single men, the gym is a hotspot for attractive women. Secondly, you’re probably going to run into someone you know. Thirdly, why wouldn’t you want to look good? We have a few tips and tricks to make you feel more confident and comfortable during and after your workout.

So what gym gear should you wear? Well, if you’re looking for ideas on how to look stylish while sweating it out at the gym, this blog post is just for you! Read on as we discuss what men can wear in a gym without compromising comfort or style!

What are Appropriate Men’s Gym Clothes?

When it comes to gym wear, men have plenty of choices when deciding what to wear. While there are no hard and fast rules, gym-goers should wear clothes that are comfortable, practical and appropriate for the gym environment.

Of course, gym clothes that allow easy mobility and full range of motion remain the mainstay for an optimal workout experience. From basic gym shorts or joggers to T shirts in moisture-wicking fabrics, gym hoodies and more performance-focused activewear, there is men’s activewear suitable for everyone – even if you prefer to wear clothing that’s more athleisure on your way in or out!

Nike training gear to wear in the gym

Which Clothing Brands are Popular at the Gym?

Looking best while also getting your sweat on is a tricky but achievable feat. Nike and adidas Originals always seem to be the frontrunners in gym fashion as they present items that give a stylish edge while also offering comfort and optimal performance.

Whether it’s Nike Training’s classic swoosh logo dominating a T shirt or the timeless Three Stripes of adidas Originals, there are plenty of bold branding options to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Under Armour sits neatly in the middle providing an ergonomic fit for running shoes and workout clothing for their supporters who seek form and function in their exercise routine!

All the biggest brands are getting involved in the activewear space and offering fresh designs, colours and silhouettes for gym enthusiasts. Not to mention a range of accessories such as a stylish gym bag, baseball caps, beanies and sweatbands!

Nike gymwear

What Shoes To Wear For The Gym?

You’re in shoes for most of your life, so it’s important they’re high quality and comfy to wear, especially your workout shoes. Wearing appropriate footwear will reduce your risk of injury when working out. Also, you’re more likely to stop mid-workout if your feet hurt.

The right shoes are important. We recommend trainers that provide the support you need for the specific workout of your choice. Big players like New Balance and Nike have loads of choice. If you’re not sure then cushioned soles are the best place to start like these Nike Training Metcon 8s:

Nike Training Metcon 8

Nike Training Metcon 8


What Are Performance Fabrics?

If you’re looking to up your game at the gym, then performance fabrics might be the solution you’ve been searching for! Performance fabrics are specially designed from moisture-wicking material, keep you cool, provide extra breathability and make sure that your clothing isn’t weighing you down when you work out.

These lightweight and flexible materials enable you to move without any restriction, allowing you to push yourself harder than before. So if only the best is good enough for your gym routine, consider investing in some performance fabric to wear to the gym. The breathable material could help turn your average sweating session into an Olympian-level workout!

A man dressed in activewear ready for the gym


Can You Wear Joggers To The Gym?

Absolutely! With the rise of athleisure, it may be hard to tell what qualifies as ‘gym-appropriate’ attire anymore. Though some still prefer the traditional gym shorts and tees combo, joggers have become increasingly popular among men who want to look their best while they exercise.

Training joggers are made from a lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, giving an edge of comfort and flexibility to your workout while still looking cool enough to call in at the corner shop afterwards.


How Should Gym Clothing Fit?

If there’s anything that men should know about gym clothing, it’s that the fit matters more than anything. That baggy, long-sleeve shirt from 20 years ago, beat-up gym shoes and short shorts probably aren’t going to cut it anymore! A good rule of thumb is to aim for ‘trim and tidy’: find garments with a snug fit around the torso and waist and shorts or joggers with a modest length.

Wearing clothing that actually fits can make you look more stylish, and athletic and give you the extra confidence to crush your next workout. Your motivation will skyrocket when you know you look good while working out—so go ahead and take pride in what you’re wearing!

While it may seem like there’s no such thing as too-tight gym clothes for men, you might want to save that look for the beach. Wearing clothes that fit correctly in the gym will help you feel comfortable and confident while completing your workout without worrying about pulling a wardrobe malfunction.

Not to mention, showing off too much skin at the gym can be a bit distracting for both you and other gymgoers. So guys, when you’re picking out your workout gear, leave the skin-tight look for another day; instead, opt for something that actually fits your body.

A man working out at home in gym clothes


Don’t forget the details

When you are putting together a workout wardrobe, don’t forget a pair of gym socks. There’s nothing worse than turning up to start a session on the exercise bike in workout shorts, performance sneakers and a pair of argyle-style knee-high socks. Investing in good quality and purpose-built gym socks can help to wick sweat from your feet, meaning you’re free to focus on the workout with less distraction.

To get the most out of your gym wear, it’s important to choose items that fit correctly and provide support for whatever activity you’re doing at the gym. From synthetic materials for performance to snug-fitting joggers and high-quality gym socks, you don’t have to sacrifice style points in order to look sharp during your workout routine (and in the locker room). With these tips, you can stay comfortable and confident while acing your training goals!

Happy sweating!



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