A man’s guide to wearing earrings

Written by Eleanor | 31/08/2016

earringsWearing jewellery as a man has been a taboo thing for many years. But nowadays, it’s much more acceptable for men to accessorise their look with bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. There are certain types of jewellery which are predominantly male, like tie-bars and cufflinks. Then there are also types which are known for being predominantly female, and earrings used to fall into this category.

However, earrings are now worn by almost as many men as women. Therefore, at Mainline Menswear we have decided to create this easy guide to wearing earrings as a man. Letting you know what style you can pull off, and when you can get away with wearing them. Earrings 1

The Style

Generally, when choosing earrings as a man, you should stick to studs or small hoops. Unless you’re a pirate. Then you can get away with large hoops, dangling earrings and anything else! But for the purpose of this blog, let’s assume you’re not a pirate, and just a regular, every day man. Earrings 2

Studs are the easiest choice. They generally look good if you know how to wear them, and look best when matched to the rest of your outfit. Earrings are for enhancing the overall outfit, rather than being the statement piece. The style of the stud can vary based on your preferences, but often small designs like crosses or circles are favoured.

If you want to wear a hoop earring, stick to a small hoop that doesn’t hang down below your ear. Hoops are best when in a more casual situation. Paired with a t-shirt and jeans, as they provide a less formal look. Silver or gold are the go to colours here, as anything else may look too eccentric and attract unwanted attention.

When to wear

Earrings are an accessory, and like everything else there are times when it’s not suitable to wear them. A definite time not to wear them is to work – unless you work in a laidback, accessories-welcome type of environment.

However, for generic office jobs and so on, keep your earrings at home. If you’re wearing a sharp suit, a diamond stud in your ear will distract from your look and make the whole outfit less formal. Much like wearing an overly exaggerated belt buckle would. Earrings 3

Another time to leave your earrings at home is if you’re playing sport, or doing physical activity. This is fairly self-explanatory. Someone grabbing your earring by accident, or getting hit with a ball will hurt a lot more if you’ve got the added pain of ripping a hole in your ear. Or stabbing yourself in the back of the head.

Despite these scenarios, there are plenty of times that you can accessorise your outfit with an earring or two. If you’re going out for drinks after work, wearing a dark coloured pair of earrings can add style to our outfit. Match the colour – and design to some extent – to what you’re wearing, and they’ll blend in like a good accessory should.

There are certain smart casual situations that you can get away with wearing earrings for as well. Going out for a dinner is one of these, or going to a music gig, or some other kind of event. Basically any situation where you don’t have to dress in a certain way, means you can accessorise how you like as well.

Choosing whether to wear earrings or not is just like choosing between your black trainers or your brogues. As a rule of thumb, if you’re wearing trainers, you can wear earrings. If you’re wearing brogues – or other smart shoes – then deciding whether to put earrings in depends on what the rest of your outfit it. Remember, for a smart situation, leave them at home, otherwise go wild!

Finally, it’s completely up to you whether you decide to either wear one or two earrings. This depends on your personal style, but regardless of what you choose, the same rules apply to both.

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