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Written by Marc | 02/09/2016



Unfortunately, as summer ends and the wet and colder months start to roll in, rain is highly expected throughout the UK. You simply can’t survive autumn and winter without reliable raincoats to keep you both warm and dry.

The days where a pac-mac would do are long gone, and now raincoats and jackets are much more of a style item. You need something you can wear over your work clothes on the commute, but also complete an outfit over the weekend or on an evening. Mainline Menswear has hundreds of jackets available, so we’re here to help you find the perfect one for you.


The first thing to decide when choosing a winter jacket, is what type. There are so many options today, from parkas, to trench coats, hooded jackets, raincoats and more. If you want something you can wear in all kinds of situations, then a neutral colour like black or navy is the best bet. This means you can wear it over a suit to work, but also with jeans on a weekend.

First off, let’s discuss the generic zip-up, hooded jacket. This is your most versatile option and comes in numerous designs and colours, from plenty of different brands. Some of our favorites include this Ralph Lauren Thorpe anorak. In a navy style with the red Ralph Lauren polo player logo on the left of the chest, this jacket is subtle yet stylish. It’s made with down and feathers to ensure warmth, and the padded hood will protect you from rain as well.

Another very reliable jacket option is the La Paz jacket from The North Face. This black padded down jacket is essential if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, as the make-up will ensure you don’t feel the bite of the cold or sting of the rain. It will also blend in perfectly whether worn over a suit or casually with a t-shirt.

Raincoat 3 Raincoat 2

If you want just a typical raincoat, why not try this Lyle and Scott hooded raincoat. It’s much less bulky than other jackets, so can be folded up and left in your bag if and when the skies clear up. The hood has an elasticated trim so can be pulled closely around your head to block out the elements, and the sleeve cuffs also have adjustable fastenings too.

Similar to raincoats, is the old fashioned windbreaker. As the name states, this jacket is more designed to block out wind rather than rain, but many are still designed with waterproof fabrics. They are lightweight and often feature a hood to keep you further protected.

This Adidas windbreaker is reversible so you can choose the colour based on what you’re wearing. Options are all black, or black, grey and white, meaning either way it has a subtle design for wearing with many outfits. It features two zip pockets and an elasticated drawstring hood to keep everything safe and secure. A slightly warmer option is this Superdry hooded windtrekker jacket. The fleece lining will keep you very warm and the hood is padded for further protection. Velcro sleeve cuffs provide adjustable sleeve lengths, and there are several zip pockets as well.

Our final suggestion is the old fashioned trench coat. The Aquascutum Broadgate trench coat is modelled from the original trench coat design, dating back to the First World War. In dark navy this is a very smart option that would work perfectly over a suit, or formal look. The longer design means more of your body will be covered, but it lacks a hood for protecting your head.

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If you’re looking for one of our stylish raincoats or jackets for the autumn winter season, we have got you covered. With hundreds of different styles to choose from, from countless top brands including all the ones we’ve mentioned above, as well as many more. Visit our website here to browse our extensive range of stock.

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