Paul & Shark – regular fit or shark fit?

Written by Marc | 15/08/2016



Paul and Shark

Paul & Shark is an Italian brand, founded in 1975 by the Dini family. The company is still in the family name today, run by CEO and President Andrea Dini; the third generation of the family. Synonymous with Italian elegance and style, Paul & Shark became popular very quickly through early partnerships with Christian Dior and Balenciaga.

Paul & Shark got its name in the early 1970s. Paulo Dini, the eldest son of founder Gian Ludovico, found himself in a sailmaker’s workshop during a trip to Maine. Here, an 18th century sail caught his eye, with the inscription Paul & Shark – thus sealing the company’s fate. Paul and Shark 1

Today, Paul & Shark produce sportswear, smart casual clothing and luxury items. The brand is available in 73 countries worldwide, with the famous shark logo being instantly recognisable. Perhaps what Paul & Shark does best is design polo shirts. Both long and short sleeves are available, in either regular fit, or shark fit.

At Mainline Menswear, we’re going to give you a brief summary of regular and shark fit, to ensure you can find the perfect polo shirt to suit you.

Regular Fit

Paul & Shark regular fit polo shirts do exactly what they say on the tin. They are designed for the everyday man, and can be worn in many situations. Various designs are available in the regular fit range, from single colours to stripes and patterns. Each polo shirt has the shark logo stitched onto the left of the chest, and comes with a ribbed collar and sleeve cuffs.

These polo shirts can be worn in casual situations, or dressed up with chinos and smart shoes to wear out to dinner or drinks. They are available in a range of sizes, so can be worn by anyone.

Shark Fit

Shark fit polo shirts are actually just Paul & Shark’s way of saying slim fit. These slimmer polo shirts are designed for men who want to show off their body, and the fabric hugs the wearer creating a slim style. Like the regular fit polo shirts, they are available in a number of styles and sizes, and all feature the shark logo on the left side of the chest.

Wearing shark fit will definitely accentuate your body more. They’re tighter around the chest and also have slightly shorter sleeves to show off your upper arms. Ideal for the man who loves his body and knows how to look good.

Paul and Shark 2 Paul and Shark 3

Mainline Menswear stocks a large number of Paul & Shark products, including both regular fit and shark fit polo shirts. Paul & Shark shirts, jackets, jumpers and accessories are also available. Visit our website here to browse our extensive range.

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