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Pretty Green


To celebrate 50 years since Jimi Hendrix first visited and performed in London, Pretty Green has developed a unique collaboration collection based on the famous musician’s style. Jimi Hendrix first came to the UK in September 1966. So this collection has been launched as part of the autumn-winter 2016 line.

The collection is not only a tribute to Hendrix’s style but also a modern interpretation of how he liked to dress. It includes t-shirts, shirts, jackets and accessories, all featuring striking patterns and designs, synonymous with the famous rocker.

The History of Pretty Green

Pretty Green was launched in 2009 by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic frontmen in music. The brand provides simple, classic clothing with a modern twist taken from rock and roll culture. Due to British street and music culture, Pretty Green has an authenticity born through a deep understanding of that culture. Alongside all the things that make it relevant today.

Their clothing aims to be similar to what musicians wear in the industry. Introducing bold colours, designs and patterns to create a striking look which will get you recognised on stage or in the crowds.

The Collaboration

The most recent collaboration the brand has launched is the Jimi Hendrix collection. Jimi Hendrix was one of the most iconic rock musicians ever and is regarded as the best electric guitarist in musical history.

He first began performing in 1962 but was properly discovered in 1966 when he moved to England. He had a very short-lived career due to his accidental death in 1970, aged just 27. But is still widely recognised and remembered throughout the music industry.

His fashion on stage was another very notable thing about him. Bold patterns and eccentric designs were a big part of who he was. It is, for this reason, Pretty Green decided to launch a line inspired by him, bringing his fashion into the 21st century.

The modern interpretation of Jimi’s style draws inspiration from the archives, looking at what he wore and how he accessorised, to revitalise the look today. Unique hand-drawn and painted prints are featured on the clothing, alongside a signature paisley print inspired by the song Purple Haze.

Other designs and graphic prints have been inspired by songs and lyrics performed by Hendrix, keeping the inspiration alive through each new garment. There are also links to military style, something Hendrix favoured after his time as a US paratrooper in the early 1960s.


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