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Written by Marc | 17/08/2016


Style Icon

Ryan Gosling has been a favourite with women of all ages ever since he first appeared in The Notebook in 2004. His rugged charm and boyish good looks have had everyone from your sister to your grandmother swooning over him.

However, good looks don’t go that far without a good outfit to match. Fortunately, Ryan Gosling is an expert at putting together a stylish look, and qualifies to be a Mainline Menswear style icon. Therefore, we’ve put together this guide to help you pull off the film famous fashion.

The Suit

Ryan Gosling is no stranger to a suit. From award ceremonies to film premieres, he’s definitely had to wear a full suit plenty of times. Something that Gosling manages to do with ease is wear coloured suits. He’s even managed to pull off a velvet number once or twice.

The trick with coloured suits is to keep your accessories to a minimal if your suit is the main attraction. This stops too many things from going on in your outfit and means the suit can shine as the centrepiece it’s supposed to be.

Teal, burgundy and olive are just some of the colours Gosling has managed to rock in the past. If you want to try out the bolder look for yourself, Mainline Menswear suggests this Hugo Boss suit in blue. It’s not quite as striking as the one Ryan wears, but will still make you stand out from the crowd.

The Bomber Jacket

A favourite look from this Hollywood actor is definitely the bomber jacket. Probably best known for the scorpion-embellished one he wore in the movie Drive, Ryan Gosling has also pulled off a bomber several times in his personal life.

The trick with a bomber is to go for a slim fit that finishes just above the waist. If you have a black bomber jacket, like this one from G Star Raw you can wear a bold coloured or patterned t-shirt underneath. However, a plainer t-shirt is better with a brightly coloured bomber, so the jacket remains the centre of attention. This navy Lacoste bomber is a personal favourite of ours.

The rolled up sleeves

Another particular style that Ryan Gosling manages to pull off very well is rolled up shirt sleeves. Rolling up your sleeves can make your upper arms look larger – if this is something you’re trying to achieve – but it can also transform a smart shirt into a more casual look.

There a few rules for pulling off rolled up sleeves. You generally shouldn’t wear a tie if your shirt has short sleeves or the sleeves are rolled above the elbows. However, if your sleeves are just rolled a couple of times above the wrist, you can still pull of a tie on a slightly warmer summer day.

Mainline Menswear stocks over 750 shirts. From long sleeved to short sleeved, plain, patterned or personalised, you can definitely find a shirt to suit you with us. We also sell thousands more items of clothing and accessories. Visit our website here to browse our extensive range, and get the Ryan Gosling style for yourself.

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