How To Style Men’s Leather Jackets

Written by Marc | 18/08/2016


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A leather jacket is a definite wardrobe essential for any man. They’re stylish, can keep you warm, go with almost anything and always look good. Well, not always. Here at Mainline Menswear we’re concerned that not enough people know how to style their leather jackets.

Therefore, we’re going to give you a brief run-through of different styles of leather jackets, plus how to wear them. That way, if you’re ever in doubt about what outer layer to wear, you can always fall back on your leather jacket.

Different Styles

The first leather jacket that comes to most people’s minds is the biker jacket. A classic which has been around for decades, the biker jacket oozes style paired with that punk attitude. Due to the history of the biker jacket, it boasts masculinity. Best worn carelessly over a white t-shirt with sunglasses and a cloud of motorcycle smoke, the biker jacket is definitely one for a rugged man’s man.

Bomber jackets are becoming much more popular in the world of leather jackets. The style is more preppy and much preferred by the younger gentleman. Bomber jackets are modelled on flight jackets from military pilots; hence the name. During the First World War, cockpits were uncovered, so pilots had to wear something to keep them sufficiently warm – and the bomber jacket was created. Leather 2

It is now essentially the same style and design as it was when it was first made, however, the materials have improved. Along with more current looks, the bomber jacket is an ideal leather jacket for looking in fashion and meeting your essential needs.

Varsity leather jackets are for an even younger generation than bomber jackets are. Originating in American collegiate sports, varsity jackets are normally comprised of a wool body and leather sleeves. The leather sleeves on varsity jackets are usually a different colour from the body of the jacket, creating an obvious and defined look.

Finally, leather jackets can also vary in colour. Tan or other shades of brown are popular for leather jackets. However, more coloured leather jackets are now emerging. From deep burgundy to olive green, you can now find a leather jacket in a wide array of colours. Meaning you can personalise your look whilst still rocking the leather style.

How To Wear Leather

Choosing how to wear leather has been briefly described above. However, everyone could always do with a few more tips and tricks, to enable you to pull off the look with ease.

As a general rule, wearing a wholly black leather coat looks best with blue or navy jeans, rather than black. If your look is all black it can sometimes fall flat so adding blue jeans and a bit of colour underneath your leather jacket will improve the look of the whole ensemble.

For wearing bomber jackets or varsity jackets, adding a hoodie underneath will create warmth and add depth to your outfit. The hoodie creates a more relaxed look and softens your silhouette. Underneath a varsity jacket, you could also opt for a crisp, coloured shirt. They are synonymous with college students, which is why the look of a shirt and jacket works so well – as it’s something students have been wearing for years.

With coloured leathers, this is the time to wear black jeans. Try and avoid brightly coloured or large logo t-shirts underneath the jackets, and remember to be conscious of which colour t-shirt will complement the colour of your jacket.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, check out our guide to the best men’s spring jackets. There’s so much choice, you’ll definitely find something you like!

Leather 4 Leather 3

Some of the brands which are excelling in the production of leather jackets include Hugo Boss and Belstaff. You can also buy quality leathers from brands like Replay, Armani and Diesel. All of these brands are easily available through our online shop.

Mainline Menswear sells a large selection. We also sell many other leather products and various items you can pair with your jacket to complete the outfit. Visit our website here to browse our extensive stock and find yourself a new signature look.

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