Guide to Levis Jeans

Written by Kimberley | 19/05/2016

Throughout this article will be a variety of topics regarding Levis jeans, one of the many branded products on offer at Mainline Menswear. This will include a fit guide, guidance on how to wear slim fit jeans and the growing trend of them within our society today.


Fit guide

For the Levi’s fit guide, they illustrate on their website in the men’s section with fit guide for slim, straight and loose jeans. For the slim fit in particular, there’s a variety of different numbers assigned to the types of slim fit jeans that you can buy at Levis, also distributed here through Mainline’s shop.

  • 510: Skinny – This is their slimmest fit which sits low on the waist with a ‘super skinny leg’ according to Levis.
  • 511: Slim – These are said to be great skinny jeans, which sits low on the waist with a narrow leg.
  • 508: Regular Taper – These jeans hang onto the hips with a slim fit and tapered leg.
  • 520: Taper – The Taper hangs onto the hips with a slouchy seat and an extreme tapered leg.

You can check out their straight and loose fit guides as well in their fit spectrum.

Slim fit jeans: How to wear them

I believe that looking into the perspective of wearing slim fit jeans, as a user of these myself, I guess it really does depend on how much you weight. I would recommend skinny/slim fit jeans for those who with an average build, those who weigh more than normal may consider buying straight or loose fit jeans. But this doesn’t need to be weight-orientated as you can still wear straight or loose fit jeans if that’s your preference.

If any further guidance were needed with wearing slim fit jeans, I’d probably recommend wearing a belt to secure them in their position and to avoid any embarrassing moments. Also make sure that your jeans fit with your height, you wouldn’t want your jeans too baggy for you, too short or too skinny.

Slim fit jeans: The growing trend

There’s been a growing trend of slim fit jeans since casual clothing became more of a mainstream thing within society around the 1960s/1970s as smart dress was becoming less of a trend. The introduction of casual clothing from around that time resulted in the trend of slim fit jeans where consumers of clothes might have suggested skinnier clothing as understandably, at the time it may have been a new thing to trial which has now become a popular preference for most people today, mainly within a younger demographic.

I believe that since the introduction of slim fit jeans into the clothing industry, to what may have been a trial at the time of introduction, there’s a massive consumption of the jeans in our society today due to the increase of young people having a better awareness of trendy clothing. With the rise of technology, nowadays anyone can look up what’s trendy in fashion for men and women on the internet through their phone, as opposed to the 20th century the internet and the mobile phone were completely new at the time and weren’t as advanced as they were today. People in that time could find out what’s trending in fashion with magazines and newspapers and also on TV.

Written by Steve Denham


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