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Written by Eleanor | 10/08/2016


Versus Versace

versus versaceVersus Versace began in 1989, as the first diffusion line of Versace. It was created as a gift, from founder Gianni Versace to his little sister, Donatella. The line was given to Donatella to express her own individuality through, and model it on the rock-chic persona she was so fond of.

For almost 15 years, Versus Versace had a strong presence in the fashion industry. It previewed in Milan in 1990, and each season’s collection since then boosted similar, eye-catching designs. From clothing to watches, eyewear and accessories, Versus burst out of the shadow of the larger Versace brand and made an impression with its own label. Versus 1

Versus Versace even launched its own sub-brand in the early 2000s; Versus Sport. However, this was discontinued in 2004 when the company was facing a downturn in profits. Versus was limited to just a collection of accessories, and was ultimately forced to shut down in 2005.

For four years, Donatella’s line remained closed, although she did not stop designing, hoping for an eventual relaunch. In 2009, she invited Scottish designer Christopher Kane to relaunch the brand. It emerged back onto the fashion scene with a collection of handbags, shoes and jewellery.

Kane remained with the Versus brand until 2013, launching several collections at fashion shows in Milan; his first official runway collection taking place in 2011.

From 2013 onwards, Kane left the brand, and his position was taken over by Irish designer J.W. Anderson. Under the creative direction of Anderson, Versus have reclaimed their place at the top of the fashion industry. Lines of watches and fragrances are now what Versus Versace is most famous for; alongside clothing and footwear. Versus 3 Versus 2

Today, the rock-chic look that Donatella has always favoured is still very prominent throughout the brand. Graphic t-shirt designs and bold print encapsulates what it means to be Versus, and through this the once small diffusion line has become its own world of fashion forward products.

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