Ways to Wear Chukka Boots

Written by Marc | 14/10/2016




From a good piece of footwear there are two things you want, versatility and quality. These are two things you are guaranteed to get from the classic Chukka boot. The Chukka boot is both classic and modern meaning its versatility has no limits. It can be dressed up or down more than most shoes.

Winter Work Casual

Mix things up choose a patterned shirt rather than a classic shirt like a simple stripe or plaid pattern. It’s a refreshing way to switch up a look when not wearing a tie. Pair with a smart pair of chino trousers these could be either Navy or Brown. For the colder day’s pair with a pull over jumper but pick something that still shows the patterned shirt off.


Winter Casual

A casual winter outfit is all about layers. The way to stay warm and stylish is defiantly layer up. You can combine different materials and prints. Experiment with wearing different textures on top half, this could be a denim jacket over a shirt and t-shirt, an open buttoned flannel shirt over a crew neck t shirt. Pair either of these with a dark pair of denim jeans, keeping it casual.


Suit Dress

This has got to be my favorite of the three different looks. The smartest of the three really is a clean cut look. Choose a grey flannel suit paired with either a white or light blue dress shirt. To and a little style and color to this simple look choose a navy tie and add a hint of colour with a pocket square.


We hope this has helped you see how many various outfits you can wear the chukka boot with. Don’t be afraid of being creative and make to most of this versatile boot. If you’d like to learn more about the chukka boot read here The Story Behind – Chukka Boots.

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