What Is Lacoste Sport?

Written by Marc | 23/06/2016


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We all love Lacoste but what is the difference between Lacoste and Lacoste Sport? Here is a little bit of information on the story behind each label…

What Is Lacoste?

Lacoste has revolutionized the clothing industry through the tennis legend himself, René Lacoste. His nickname given by the press was the ‘Alligator’. This was the inspiration for the brand’s logo which is a crocodile. In 1926 the concept of functional elegance was applied to the Lacoste short-sleeved polo shirt. Since then the brand has transformed into a high-end sporting brand designing not only clothing but shoes and accessories.


What Is Lacoste Live?

The Lacoste Live label offers an edgy design of sport-inspired elegance, this collection is aimed at the early adopters, the trendsetters that are not afraid to take a risk when it comes to fashion. The pieces in the Live label are bold, loud and colourful and are available in a range of prints and fabrics. This defines the Live label from Lacoste and is targeted to a more youthful demographic. The Live label has taken a more contemporary approach whilst maintaining the strong, bold branding of the brand.


What Is Lacoste Sport?

The Sport label represents the story of René Lacoste. He began his career in the 1920s by winning his first tennis tournament at the age of 17. In 1933, the brand launched its first advertising campaign. In 1966, the brand designed the uniform for the French National Ski team. When they celebrated their 75th anniversary, they modernised and produced a 3D TV spot. The ad predicted tennis 75 years in the future. Even though the label is a sporting-based brand the Lacoste Sport label focuses on performance and is re-designed seasonally to extend the sporting legacy of the iconic brand.


All three labels are available at Mainline Menswear, each one offering products that are unique and specific to the label it belongs to.

Written by Terrie Hinchliffe 

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