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Written by Marc | 24/08/2016


Weekend Offender

The Weekend Offender brand has been around since 2004. It was created as a side project by young entrepreneurs Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell just outside of Cardiff, Wales. Their argument was that a clothing brand needed to be created that truly represented the younger generation – aimed at men from their teens to their late 20s.

Weekend Offender celebrates the youth culture in the UK. As they see it, it’s for the generation who are remembered for hard times and even harder partying. Mainline Menswear is a proud online retailer of Weekend Offender, so we’re going to look into the brand, and how it’s developed to become what it is today. Weekend Offender 1

The History

When the brand was created, they wanted to market clothes that were modelled on the customers. No-nonsense, functional and stylish items that would be present in pubs, clubs and football matches. Weekend Offender was a go-to brand for lads ‘at the sharper end of the terrace’. Allowing the name of the brand to spread through word of mouth, and infect others around it.

The first clothing Weekend Offender produced was premium knitwear and outerwear. The founders wanted something that would get the brand noticed, so outerwear was the ideal solution. Coats and jackets that could be worn over anything proved a huge success, and soon polo shirts began to be developed to be worn underneath.

Weekend Offender very quickly became synonymous with footballing culture. The ideal brand to wear to the match on the weekends, and ensure you can stand out from the crowd in the pubs afterwards.

The Message

Weekend Offender now sells knitwear, outerwear, polos, shirts and accessories. Their ranges are original, with sharp designs and unique silhouettes with a focus on quality design and functionality.

Within the brand, there are two divisions. Mainline is the first range, which celebrates bold colours, broad cuts and unique pocket designs. They are created as products which will ensure you get a second glance when wearing them, meaning you stand out from the crowd.

Category A is the second range within Weekend Offender; focusing on more premium products. The designs are subtler and more refined, warranting further investigation into the brand. They aim to create more conversation about the label, allowing people to question where the design comes from, and to further spread the name through word of mouth.

Weekend Offender 3 Weekend Offender 2

Some of the best products Mainline Menswear stocks from the Weekend Offender brand include both their tanner jacket and the tarn jacket. These are lightweight, waterproof jackets with original panelling and pocket design. They are the perfect jackets to be worn over a polo shirt and can be fastened up to the neck to block out the wind and rain.

Mainline Menswear also sells a number of Weekend Offender knitted jumpers, polo shirts and t-shirts, shirts and accessories. To check out our extensive range of clothing, visit our website here and get yourself a new look for the next football match, or just for casual everyday wear.

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