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Written by Marc | 17/04/2017


Arkk Copenhagen

Brand Focus

During the last few decades, Denmark has been undeniably leading the way in modern design. Danish design promotes a simple and functional approach and this is visible not only in fashion and clothing but also in Danish interior décor and architecture. With a focus on improving daily life by creating clean practical pieces, the Danes have developed a unique style of their own, reflected only across other Scandinavian countries. If you think you’ve not encountered Danish design before, think again.

The infamous Sydney Opera House was designed by architect Jørn Utzon who hailed from the Danish city Helsingør. Another Dane, Arne Jacobsen, created the first Egg chair in 1958 for the Radisson SAS hotel in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

One of the latest names to join us at Mainline Menswear is the footwear brand ARKK Copenhagen, and from the name of the company, you would be correct in assuming they originate from Denmark. Including their beloved capital city within the name of the brand creates an identity.

It tells us where they’re from, that they’re proud to shout about their heritage and also what their style might look like. Even the signature A logo is a classically Danish logo, minimalistic yet functional as the first letter of the brand name. Designed to imitate the bow of a ship, the A logo represents moving forwards towards future destinations and dreams, simple yet effective.

True to the Danish aesthetic, ARKK Copenhagen has produced a stunningly simple yet sophisticated collection of trainers for Spring/Summer 2017. Alternatively to other trainer specialists, ARKK Copenhagen doesn’t create sneaks with the intention of the wearer participating in high-energy sporting activities.

You’ll instantly notice the visual difference between ARKK and sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike. These trainers are intended for a designer sports luxe elegance, you won’t find any popping neon colours or intense functional aspects here. However, that is not to say that these aren’t performance shoes. With the Hover X1 and S-E15 outsoles, ARKK Copenhagen trainers are built for both comfort and durability.

Uppers within the collection are constructed from premium and technical fabrics such as suede leather, mesh and neoprene in minimalistic colour blocks and two-tone woven designs with a seriously stylish, clean-shaped silhouette. The natural brown and green colours this season pair nicely with the wild animal and bird references within the range of ARKK Copenhagen trainers, namely the Raven, Lion, Panther, Falcon and Wolf styles.

Due to their clean lines and classic tones, staple colours such as the black, white and grey shades available at Mainline Menswear make ARKK Copenhagen trainers easy to wear whatever your age, whether you’re dressing down with jeans during the day, or shirting up for a night out. The perfect all-around day-to-night footwear that’s sure not to go unnoticed.

Written by Lucy Jackson

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