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Written by Rebecca | 09/02/2017


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As incredibly tired and busy university students, it’s so easy to want to rock up to class in your pyjamas from last night or in the tracksuit that you threw on just two minutes before leaving the house.

However, many people are realising that the way you dress can affect the way you feel; dress great, feel great and vice versa. What’s more is that we all do foolish things at uni that will inevitably make it onto social media, so why not look good in the process? We have put together a college/university style guide.


First of all, stock up on your t-shirts and vary the colours. Make sure they’re colours that suit you, and there’s all sorts of information out there that can help you determine what colours work for you if you’re not sure already. The fit of the shirt is also very important; you don’t want them too baggy or too tight (unless that’s your style and by all means, crack on), but as a general rule, it should fit your body well.

Another thing, plain white-tees are your best friend as they’re so versatile and can be worn with any outfit. Even better, they aren’t going to burn a hole in your wallet. You will probably end up leaving a handful of them in the wash basket by mistake as many students do, so make sure you have plenty available.

Why not rock a designer-tee? Like this Calvin Klein top that’s guaranteed to fit you well and impress.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for the cheaper plain white-tees, then check out this double pack below.



Despite being such a staple in any outfit, numerous people still don’t choose a pair of jeans that fit their body shape well. It’s necessary to find jeans that aren’t baggy and fit the leg neatly without being overbearingly restrictive. Jeans can go with pretty much anything and the general rule is that the darker the jeans, the smarter the outfit.

With this in mind, dark jeans are pretty much a necessity. Whether it’d be to dress smart casual for a night out, a part-time job interview or a lecture, dark jeans are crucial. They broaden your outfit options and will have you looking on the more classy end of casual.

A couple pairs of jeans should be enough, but again, make sure they fit well. Nothing is worse than having the bottom of your jeans damp because they flirt with the ground every step you take!

We recommend these black Levis; you can’t really go wrong with them. On top of being super stylish, they are very durable so will last you a while, and all that for a very reasonable price too.



There’s an abundance of trainers out there and so many we are drawn to, but there are a few things to consider before purchasing your footwear. Firstly, don’t just buy trainers because you like the look of them; make sure that they are versatile and plan out in your head what you can wear with them. It’s easy to go all out and splurge on a pair of bright orange kicks, but realistically, do you have a wardrobe that fits with those shoes?

Also, are they going to last? A typical student is usually strapped for cash and you don’t want to be forking out money on new shoes every month because your last pair broke.

If you listened to my advice and bought a pair of spanking new denims, white trainers will complement them well and will certainly help you stand out, and so long as you keep them stain free it will always remain a good look. If like me you cannot bare the thought of getting a stain on your fresh new white trainers, other single colour sneakers can still help you attain the vibe without avoiding every puddle you see as if it were the plague.

It’s important to remember that by re-using the same trainers they will inevitably become wet and worn. Therefore, by having a selection on rotation, you can minimise excessive wear and tear and keep the good look lasting for longer.

These Ralph Lauren all white shoes are perfect, and for such an affordable price you should grab them while you can.


Furthermore, if you’re really worried about staining your sneakers, then check out this amazing product called Crep Protect. It’s a revolutionary product that literally has rain and dirty rolling off your trainers, leaving them looking brand spanking new.

These tips are very basic and easy to follow, and all items mentioned above are easily attainable at incredible prices on Mainline Menswear. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to turning heads for all the right reasons on campus.

Written by Baldeep Chahal

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