Freshers Outfits: What to Wear For Uni

Written by Dan | 23/08/2023


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Freshers outfits. Listen up, lads! The clock’s ticking and university life is beckoning. Soon enough, you’ll be cramming your suitcase with pot noodles and swearing to your folks that you’ll return home when your laundry basket overflows. Freshers’ week is a whirlwind of cheap drinks, questionable decisions, and cringe-worthy hangovers. If city living is new to you, brace yourself for a deluge of options that might leave your head spinning faster than a tequila shot.

Your first few weeks will be a whirlwind of experiences, so dive in headfirst and see what floats your boat. With a different theme every night at the student union and an assortment of pubs and clubs at every turn, you’re spoilt for choice. But here comes the real question: What on earth do you wear?

Fear not, young squire, we’ve got you covered with a foolproof guide on what Freshers outfits to rock at each event – endorsed by veteran students themselves, no less!


The Classic Club Night

Ah, the quintessential club. It’s your initiation into the wild nights of uni, so let’s make it count. Keep it sleek and simple with a pair of jeans, comfy trainers, and a tee. A checked flannel shirt could also slide you smoothly into the crowd. And if you’re venturing into a more upscale club, trade those trainers for suave black shoes.

Our Pick: Lyle and Scott Vintage Button Down Shirt

Lyle and Scott Vintage Button Down Shirt


Sports Social

Alright, I fibbed a bit. Dressing for a sports social is actually a breeze. Most times, your sports club will have a specific polo or uniform, and occasionally, you’ll be donning fancy dress. Stick to the dress code unless you fancy a penalty at the social (trust me, you don’t). For those not in a sports club but keen to join the fun, play it safe with jeans and a low-key tee. You don’t want to stick out like a disco ball among rugby lads downing snake bites.


Rave Ready

At the uni rave, unleash your inner fashion beast. Leave your Sunday best at home – you’re in for a wild ride of flying drinks and a mosh pit of sweaty bodies. Feel free to experiment with glow paint and bright hues. A patterned vest or vibrant track jacket will make you fit right in. Opt for loose, breathable clothes (cotton’s your best bet) because you’re going to be busting some serious moves.

Our Pick: The North Face Simple Dome T Shirt

The North Face Simple Dome T Shirt


90s Disco

The 90s disco outfit is pretty self-explanatory. Think flares, acid-wash denim, and bright colours. Dig out your dad’s retro shirts or hit the charity shops for some eccentric tees. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one, lads. The 90s was an era of wild fashion experiments, so the more outrageous, the better. Remember though – it’s not a fancy dress party…

Our Pick: True Religion Painted Jimmy Denim Jacket

True Religion Painted Jimmy Denim Jacket


House and Grunge Night

This is your chance to channel your inner Kurt Cobain. Think grungy, think edgy. Chunky trainers are a safe bet here, paired with some skinny jeans. Add a logo T-shirt and an oversized vintage track top to complete the look. Don’t stress too much over this one; the key is to look like you effortlessly threw on the first thing you found in your wardrobe.  Casual uni outfit vibes for the win!

Our Pick: Fila Vintage Velour Full Zip Track Top

Fila Vintage Velour Full Zip Track Top


Casual Pub Night

A casual pub night can be a tricky one, as dress codes vary. Some pubs might not let you in if you show up in your school leavers hoodie. Opt for a smart-casual look: a nice pair of jeans and a collared shirt should do the trick. Remember, it’s better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed at a pub.

Our Pick: Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans


Remember, guys, fashion is all about expressing yourself. So don’t be afraid to add a twist of your own to these uni outfits. And most importantly, have fun! Uni life is about making memories (or forgetting them, thanks to those tequila shots), so keep going out, keep experimenting, and keep laughing off any fashion mishaps. After all, they make for great stories later.

So, ready to take on freshers’ week? With this style guide, you’ll be turning heads and making waves before you’ve even cracked open a textbook. Don’t forget, Mainline Menswear offers 10% Student Discount. Let’s go, future fashionistas!





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