How to Dress for a Night Out with the Lads

Written by Marc | 14/04/2017


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This is your guide to looking smart and feeling fresh for a night out with the lads, whether it’s to dress for the pub, a meal or a night at a club.

First, find out where you are going – You don’t want to be the one sat at the side of the curb waiting for a taxi home at 8pm because you wore your muddy old trainers instead of a nice pair of Grensons. Take into consideration your age and your style, If you like it loud or just a quiet drink. If you like brands or if you like that small but important detail from your clothes.

You don’t want to dress younger than you are and you don’t want to dress to old, finding the right balance is hard. Make sure when picking your outfit, you think about how it will make you feel i.e your confidence – will it make you feel good? Will it boost your ego with the ladies? Will it make your mates jealous?

Only you know how you feel, when opening your wardrobe you shouldn’t feel the panic of what to wear – keep it simple don’t over think it. You know your mates make sure you don’t pick an outfit that’s going to make you the joke of the night.


Smart casual would be the way to go. Go for a nice pair of jeans preferably dark denim depending on your fit or style. Just an ordinary regular fit will be fine, if you don’t have the legs for skinny fit – don’t do it. Go for a polo shirt or even a standard tee will be fine. Try to avoid bright colours or anything with bold patterns, subtle patterns are fine.

Footwear is important, therefore you need to know were you are going. Go for shoes or a dark pair of trainers in case of any chance you do end up going to the club afterwards – At least if there is a dress code you have no worries of getting in.

Meal Out

A shirt or polo shirt will be the best option for feeling and looking good on a night out, you can wear these tucked in or out and still look smart. Wear those sleeves up and you can still feel smart but you need to feel comfortable, so dress it down if you feel overdressed. The same as a pub or a club go for a nice pair of jeans or even a pair of chinos, remember you are dealing with food and if you miss that napkin be sure you don’t have a light pair on as the ladies are going to wonder what the stain is…

No matter the occasion, we hope you find this guide helpful and you’re all prepped for your night out with the lads!

Written by Susie Rowley

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