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Written by Marc | 22/05/2017

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adidasClothing company Adidas have had quite the interesting history, from beginning with two brothers setting up a sport shoe factory in their mothers wash kitchen, eventually falling out due to personal issues amidst the many tensions of World War II.

Then finally establishing two of the world’s leading sports brands; Adi Dassler creating Adidas, and his brother Rudi Dassler branching out and creating Puma.

Throughout Adidas’s history, the company has released many new, inspired and revolutionary products, most if not all of which have been met with worldwide anticipation.

Despite the continual transformation of their line of clothing, keeping up to date with all the newest in sporting technology and comfortable clothing, Adidas have kept manufacturing some of the original products and casual clothes that first won their company international notoriety.

This original line of Adidas street and sports clothing is well renowned, having become quite the standard in high-end casualwear; particularly in celebrity culture.

In 2001 a campaign was launched during which the line was advertised by the likes of celebrity superstars B.O.B, Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott, and it hasn’t stopped there.

We need only turn on our television to see singers adorned with the Adidas logo and music videos with the original Trefoil symbol plastered on canvas in the background. We are, of course, talking about the Adidas Originals.

This line of products are actually the heritage line of the company and specialise in everything from shoes to shirts, coats to bags; sunglasses and other accessories.

Adidas Originals are the only line to still use the original Adidas Trefoil logo, after in 1997 decisions were made to use the updated performance logo (three stripes) on newer products, reserving the unique shape of the Trefoil symbol specifically for their heritage products.

Of the heritage line, the Adidas California tee doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a simple, stylish and fit for purpose t-shirt just as the Originals line promises. A classic t-shirt complete with the three stripes down-sleeve, the California has in recent years been renovated to keep up to date with the latest in comfort and fabric technology.

One of the more recent versions, the Adidas California 2.0 comes in a climalite fabric which wicks sweat away from the wearers body keeping them cooler for longer.

Mainline Menswear has a wide colour choice of this classic tee available online now!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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